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TA Training in NZ


Why TA? My Story.
by Margaret Bowater, TSTA
Becoming a Certified Transactional Analyst.
by Raewyn Knowles, CTA

Enjoy this conversation between Charlotte Dallenbach & Evan Sherrard, who have contributed so much to TA in New Zealand.

ta training auckland


A variety of courses, seminars, and groups are provided by qualified TA therapists in the Auckland region.

ATATI monthly seminars

ATATI holds monthly seminars on TA research, techniques, and case studies. All are welcome. Details of next seminar below.

When: 7.30pm, 3rd Monday of the month 
Where: St Luke’s Community Centre, 130 Remuera Rd, Auckland
Cost: $20 at the door 
Enquiries to: Raewyn Knowles (Convener) P. 09 214 8522
To subscribe to the monthly seminars mailing list: arrow-10email Raewyn

Exploring Transactional Analysis through the lens of neuroscience

Presenter: Jane Valentine Clinical Hypnotherapist and Transactional Analyst Trainee
Jane Valentine ta and neuroscience seminar aucklandHow does our early nurturing environment impact our life outcomes and our relationships? Jane will explore links between TA theory and recent neuro-scientific research. It was during a long career on the front line in the New Zealand Police that Jane developed a passion for understanding how people were scripted into inter-generational patterns, including family violence. She discovered the answers lay in the neuroscience of relationships. Jane has spent ten years as an educator and trainer delivering developmental neuroscience presentations and workshops to health professionals, educators, parents, social services, Government and community agencies.

Jane is currently in her 4th year of training in TA psychotherapy. She has also been a Clinical Hypnotherapist in private practice for 18 years and has a special interest in exploring TA through a neuro-biological and attachment focused lens.

When: 7.30pm Monday 17th July 2017
Where:  St Luke’s Community Centre, 130 Remuera Rd, Remuera, Auckland
Cost: Participants are invited to make a donation of $20 (waged) or $10 (student/unwaged).
Enquiries to: Raewyn Knowles (Convener) Ph: 092148522 or
Next Seminar: 21st August Christine Kalin on Contracting as an effective tool

Contracting as an effective tool to support change in the therapeutic setting

Presenter: Christine Kalin Certified Transactional Analyst – Psychotherapy (CTA-P)
christine kalin transactional analysis seminar aucklandChristine Kalin is a Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Transactional Analyst (Psychotherapy) and Registered Alcohol & Drug Practitioner. She operates a private practice in Parnell and Milford offering Psychotherapy, Executive Coaching and Clinical Supervision.

When: 7.30pm Monday 21st August 2017
Where:  St Luke’s Community Centre, 130 Remuera Rd, Remuera, Auckland
Cost: Participants are invited to make a donation of $20 (waged) or $10 (student/unwaged).
Enquiries to: Raewyn Knowles (Convener) Ph: 092148522 or
Next Seminar: 18 Sept, Janet Redmond – to be advised.
Certificate in Transactional Analysis
Tutor: Janet Redmond TSTA. MITAA, MIIPA, MNZAC

janet redmond - 150I am offering a year long course in Transactional Analysis this year. These 100 hours can be accumulated towards an International qualification in TA - you can become a Certified Transactional Analyst. Look on the website for fuller details of the CTA requirements and training.

When:  2016: Feb 12,13,14  March 11, 12,13  May 6-8, June 17- 19 Aug 12-14 Sept 9-11, Oct 7-9 and  Nov 11-13.
Where:  Auckland
Contact: Janet ph 027 251 5548 , arrow-10email Janet Redmond

EPRaTA Professional and Personal Development Weekends

Presenter: Janet Redmond, CTA, TSTA
janet redmond  ta training aucklandWould you like to be more potent, effective, aware, spontaneous and vibrant in your workplace, your organization, and your personal relationships?

These workshops are suitable for: counsellors, group facilitators, administrators, pastors, lovers, parents, anyone in a leadership role, employees. Anyone who works and relates with other people!

These weekends are an opportunity for you to use the group process to experiment with "Love as an expression of the willingness to create a space in which something is allowed to change" Harry Palmer. Come and recover and deepen your capacities for Intimacy, Awareness and Spontaneity (Goals of Transactional Analysis).

To ensure personal attention these workshops are limited to 12 participants. The popularity of these workshops has increased. To avoid disappointment please send your $100 deposit to secure your place. I look forward to seeing you. Please pass on to any interested friends or colleagues.

When: 10am - 5pm, 21 & 22 January 2017
Cost: Sliding Scale $395 -$295
Contact: Janet Redmond ph 027 251 5548  or arrow-10email Janet Redmond

Thinking About Studying Transactional Analysis?

Transactional Analysis training is a robust process, which is clearly outlined on the website under the Training and Certification Council. The handbook offers an overview of the training process from the TA101, a prerequisite for commencing the written and oral exam processes for Certification as a Transactional Analyst, through to the outlines for both the written examination and the oral examination. This webpage also outlines the four specialist fields of counselling, psychotherapy, education and organisational approaches of Transactional Analysis interventions.

Transactional Analysis 101 (TA101)

TA101 offers you an overview of the Transactional Analysis concepts that can be utilised in all the specialised fields.
  • Anne Tucker offers TA101 courses in the Auckland and Northland area.arrow-10contact Anne
  • Janet Redmond also offers TA 101 trainings in Auckland and Northland. She also provides trainees with support through the process of the written and oral examinations for certification as a CTA-P or Certified Transactional Analysis specialising in psychotherapy applications. arrow-10contact Janet

Written and Oral Examinations

I'm OK,
You're OK.

There are a range of requirements documented to guide you through the journey to being a Certified Transactional Analyst. Your primary supervisor who you will have a supervision contract with, will need to have completed the baseline TA trainings as well as those specifically designed to teach and supervise trainees undertaking this process. They will guide and support you in this journey.

If you would like to find a Certified Transactional Analyst to discuss the Transactional Analysis training process and the options available to you for a primary supervisor, trainer, or therapist  arrow-10click here.

ta training auckland


Workshops and seminars by qualified TA therapists New Zealand wide.

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