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arrowcharacteristics for a good listener:  things that work when you need to listen or be heard. By Dorothy Hennessy

arrowcreative conflict: is vital for robust relationships and wellbeing. By Caroline Williams

arrowblame: how does blame affect our interactions with others. By Sally Forman

arrowhow to say NO:  learn some simple techniques to help you say NO effectively, and live more assertively. By Karen Field

arrowthe king's speech: how purpose can move us through personal challenges: stuttering can be overcome. By Sally Forman

arrownonviolent communication: is an effective way to transform relationships in all areas of your life. By Alison Edwards

arrow8 steps to having challenging conversations, courageously: some conversations can be deeply challenging to have, and so we avoid them. Here are 8 steps that can make it easier to have challenging conversations, courageously. By Sally Forman

arrow4 skills to build stronger and more collaborative relationships:  the skills of Requesting, Asking Permission, Clearing and 'I' Statements are powerful ones in service of action, safety, presence and personal power and build a strong foundation for relationships.  By Sally Forman

arrowspeak from your heart, 7 ways to be real: how at ease and confident are you when you are speaking in front of a group? Here are 7 techniques to improve your public speaking. By Sally Forman