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types of therapy

Types of Psychotherapy and Counselling

arrowWhy me? Why now?: what is the connection between life going well and emerging emotional and psychological troubles? By Joy Campbell.
arrowImago Relationship Therapy: is a powerful process allowing couples to transform their relationship. By Henriette Politano.
arrowSomatic Experiencing® Trauma Therapy: find out about this potent psychobiological method for resolving trauma symptoms. By Henriette Politano.
arrowHakomi psychotherapy: an introduction. By Henriette Politano.
arrowiRest Yoga Nidra®: an introduction to this evidence-based mind/body approach to health, healing, and well-being. By Henriette Politano.
arrowwhat is professional life coaching? find out how professional coaching can support your growth. By Sally Forman.
arrowwhat is mindfulness?   find out how mindfulness practices can increase happiness and enhance general wellbeing. By Maree Lovegrove
arrowthe king's speech: how purpose can move us through personal challenges: speaking circles can help people overcome stuttering. By Sally Forman.
arrowfamily constellation therapy: examines family dynamics and relationship issues to facilitate healing on a deep level. By Angelika Schuster.
arrowrelational presence: transforming relational trauma:   relational presence and speaking circles provide a therapeutic opportunity for relational repair and transformation. By Sally Forman.
arrowstories? in therapy?: find out how stories can be used in psychotherapy to help bring about new understanding and change. By Denise Hufer.