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If you are a professional or academic in the field of counselling, psychotherapy, psychology or psychiatry we'd be pleased to post your article on talkingworks. Articles can be on any topic related to psychological therapies, research, human development, self-help strategies etc, as long as they are written in a style accessible by the general public.

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It is our aim that the articles on talkingworks will reflect the diversity of knowledge and views in our field, to provide a dynamic resource for clients. So, please don't feel restricted by the topics or style of articles currently posted on the site. We wouild be glad to talk to you about any idea for an article you feel unsure about. 


Guidelines for sending your article

  • simply email us your article
  • clearly reference the sources that contributed to your article
  • copywrited material cannot be posted on talkingworks without permission of the copywright holder (under the terms of our contract with our web hosting company)
  • include a brief sentence describing yourself to be posted with the article

If you are a clinician consider writing an informative article on an issue for which you have a special interest or expertise, it's a great way to raise your profile.