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primary mental health funding schemes

The government has recently allocated funding to pay for counselling for people with mild to moderate mental illness (don't feel frightened by the words "mental illness" mild to moderate means ordinary people suffering from normal types of emotional or psychological stress).

This money has been distributed to GPs Primary Health Organisations (PHOs) to run pilot programmes during 2007/08. This means that the criteria for accessing the funding and what kind of treatment you can access varies depending which PHO your Doctor belongs to. Most schemes are allocating about six sessions of counselling with specified counsellors. You need to ask your GP what is available in your area.

Most counsellors and PHOs believe that demand for this counselling will be much greater than the funding allocated to the 12 month pilot programmes. All requests you make to your Doctor for this counselling, or feedback on how useful you found your counselling and the system for accessing, it will help in the development of permanent schemes to help people with needs like yours.