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On talkingworks we only list counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists who are registered with a recognised New Zealand professional body. This means that their qualifications have been assessed and they are required to adhere to a Code of Ethics.
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Joy Campbell setting boundaries

Featured Article

In our most recent article Boundary Guilt, counsellor Joy Campbell discusses the guilt that can be triggered when we set boundaries with our family, friends and workmates. The guilt usually occurs when there is a conflict between two values you hold e.g. psychological safety and keeping others happy.
Find out how to manage your emotions and maintain appropriate boundaries ...
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Virginia Edmond group therapy wellington

Virginia Edmond

Virgina is an highly experienced group therapist in Wellington who loves the opportunity groups provide for people to extend their people skills and improve their capacity to relate to others in their work, social and family environments.
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Vijay Kahantesh  psychotherapist auckland cbd

Vijay Mahantesh

Vijay is an Auckland psychotherapist who is adept at helping people move beyond the conflicts both within themselves and in their relationships, to heal painful experiences and repair current conflicts ...
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