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Frequently Asked Questions About Listing on the Counselling Directory

FAQs about joining talkingworks

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arrow-10wouldn't I be better off with my own website
arrow-10I've already got my own website, so why should I List on talkingworks as well
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How many visitors does talkingworks get?

In the past 12 months over 200,000 visitors have come to talkingworks.


What happens if I want to change something on my Profile later on?

Simply email us your alterations and we'll make them for you (usually within 24 hours). Dynamic websites ie. those that change a lot, are ranked higher by search engines so you are more likely to keep being found on the internet if you update your info from time to time.


What does it cost to make changes?

All changes are free.


Wouldn't I be better off with my own website?

  • we've taken care of all the technical stuff for you. There is a lot to find out when you want to build a website that will be easy for visitors to use, will be highly accessible to search engines, and will be hosted by a reliable provider (ie. their machines don't have lots of downtime, which takes your website offline). We've done all that research for you. Talkingworks works, which means you only have to write your text and choose some images. 
  • on talkingworks you benefit from all the other content you haven't had to write. It can be a lot of work to provide your website with enough content, that changes regularly enough to keep search engines ranking you well. Talkingworks is growing and changing every week ensuring search engines stay interested and visitors keep coming.

I've already got my own website, so why should I List on talkingworks as well?

Small websites with unchanging content can struggle to maintain good rankings with search engines, and the cost of using Google adverts to attract visitors can mount up over time. So a Listing on the talkingworks directory can be a simple way to get much better exposure and bring more potential clients to your own website.


A website of my own could be much bigger than a Profile Page.

  • there is no word limit on our Premium Profile Pages and with the use of internal links on the page you can achieve what most counselling websites contain
  • on talkingworks you can post as many articles as you want, whenever you're ready to write them, for free. Each article will be linked back to your Profile and from your Profile to the article. This is a great way of extending your presence on the internet to attract the interest of search engines, and for potential clients to find out more about your areas of interest and expertise.


Do I have to put a photo of me on my Profile ?

No. There are pros and cons with putting your photo on the internet and we leave that choice to you. However, the internet is a very visual medium and images will liven up your webpage. So, if you don't want to include a photo of yourself, then consider adding a logo, photo of your room, a cartoon or favourite image that could speak to potential clients.

There are also millions of commercial images available at very reasonable prices. Please contact us if you would like help to find images that speak for you.


How do I pay for my Profile Page?

Once you are happy with your Profile Page we will send you an invoice which you can pay by Internet Banking or posting a cheque.