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How to Get a Premium Profile

The process for getting your Premium Profile online depends on whether you are happy to write it yourself, ​or want some help to write your text and find images. 

If you are happy to write your Profile.

If you are happy to write your own Profile simply email us your text, photos, logos, and other images. We will layout a Profile page for you. You can then view it over the Internet and we can make any corrections or refinements you require. 
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If you already have a website.

If you already have a website, an option is that we can lift material directly off your website to create a Profile Page for you. You can then view it over the Internet and we can make any corrections or refinements you require.
arrowemail us your website details so we can create a Profile for you

Don't know what to write.  We can do it for you!!

If you are struggling with what to write please make use of our free Profile writing service.

​We have found that not knowing what to write, to effectively communicate your counselling/therapy services to the public, is the biggest block to therapists setting up their Profile on talkingworks.

To construct a Profile for you we will first talk to you by phone to find out about you and your practice. We'll also use what ever you have managed to write, plus any promotional material you already have eg. brochures, business cards, logos, newspaper adverts, to write a Profile for you. Once it is loaded on talkingworks you can view it over the internet, and we can make alterations and refinements to suit.  
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When you are happy with your Profile we will send you an invoice which you can pay by cheque or internet banking.

Feel free to contact us to work out the simplest way to get your Premium Profile sorted.

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If you need help to send your text or images feel free to email us with the best time to phone and we will be happy to talk you through the process.