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Some Examples of Premium Profiles

Below are links to a variety of Premium Profile Pages. These are to give you an idea of that there is a range of possibilities for the look and layout of a Premium Profile.

Please note that we do not provide a graphic design service, we have based the style of these individual Profiles on artwork supplied by the owners of the Profile (from such things as brochures, business cards, websites).

We can help you source commercial images for your Profile. If we purchase commercial images for you there will be an extra, one-off charge to cover their cost.

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Click on names to see examples of Premium Profiles

Nicole Smale (image supplied by Nicole, text written by Nicole with help from talkingworks)
Apollo Psychotherapy  (text and images taken from Apollo's website)
Silverstream Counselling (text and images supplied by Silverstream)
Ceit Robinson  (text and images taken from Ceit's website)
Alastair Duhs (text supplied by Alastair, commercial images sourced by talkingworks)
Paula Moneypenny (styled on Paula's website)
Cherry Pye (content, logo, images and layout supplied by Cherry)
Trudi Betschart  (all images supplied by Trudi, text written by Trudi with help from talkingworks)

We are always happy to discuss the options for your Profile, please contact us with any questions you have.

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