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Web Address Options

Web address options for your Profile

A web address is what your computer uses to find a website, or an individual page on a website. For example the web address will take you to the home page of this site, while takes you directly to the page of counsellors on talkingworks who speak languages other than English.

The most sure way of getting interested clients to your Profile Page is by adding the web address for your Profile to all your promotional material, eg. letterhead, emails, advertisments, business cards.

If you have a Profile Page two web address options are available:

  • the standard talkingworks web address for your Profile Page eg.

  • or you can create a personal web address by purchasing your own domain name and directing it to your Profile on talkingworks eg.

    This option allows you to maintain a consistent professional identity, without the cost and difficulty of setting up a full website. If you ever do get your own website you can redirect your domain name to your new site without having to alter your promotional material.

    Domain Names are easy to purchase over the Internet and cost about $50 per year. Please contact us if you'd like help to set one up for yourself.