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Sally Forman

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Personal life coaching & psychotherapy
Kāpiti Coast and Wellington
04 904 4305  |  021 0285 6029
Remember who you are


Welcome. I’m Sally Forman, a trained and experienced psychotherapist and professional coach.

You may not know exactly what you are searching for. I offer you an opportunity to discover what it is you may need, within a safe, supportive environment.

Are you suffering: feeling isolated, alone, depleted, strained, stuck or inauthentic? Maybe, you are afraid you aren’t good enough? Is something missing in your life? Do you feel like you are limiting yourself in some way? Perhaps your daily life is driven by cycles of hope and fear. Do you dwell in the past or future, but miss out on the present?
Some habits and patterns serve us. They support us to achieve our potential in relationships, work, parenting and other aspects of our life. But other habits and patterns, in the way we think, feel, behave, believe and relate limit us. These patterns cause suffering and hold us back from everything we long for. These patterns are out of our awareness. They are unconscious. You may be looking for a psychotherapy relationship to support you to be with your suffering, in a way that directs you toward healing, understanding and compassion.

Explore how you really perceive yourself and the world around you. Transform the habits and patterns that hold you back. Look for fresh possibilities. You’ll enjoy life more, engaging in fuller, more rewarding relationships.

You may be grieving.

Loss unravels and disrupts. Grief, for a loved one challenges us to transition, from loving in presence to loving in separation. You may be looking for a relationship of support as you come to terms with your loss, overcome challenges, make choices and reshape your life.

Do you want to enhance the quality and results in your life?

A coaching relationship supports you to let go of preconceived rules and limitations and step into creating a life that is centered on what truly brings you alive. Coaching supports you to view life’s challenges and obstacles from an empowered stance. It helps you make making powerful choices and select the experiences you most want. This relieves you from being at the mercy of circumstances and dashing about trying to ‘have it all’. Coaching supports you to more fully know yourself.

Is your nervous system stuck ‘on’ or ‘off’?

When stuck in ‘on’, your nervous system is locked in readiness. This manifests itself as anxiety, panic, sleeplessness, hyper-vigilance, emotional flooding, attention deficit, chronic pain, hostility or rage. You may have a sense of impending doom. This is the sympathetic part of your nervous system, responsible for moving you out of danger, locked ‘on’. When your nervous system is stuck ‘off’ you will experience depression, flat affect, lethargy, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, dissociation or low motivation. This is the parasympathetic part of your nervous system, responsible for bringing your body back to rest and relaxation. Your body is locked ‘off’; slowing or shutting down too much. You may be oscillating between the two. Your body has taken on strategies to manage dysregulation. A stressed body and mind can become focused only on survival. You do not thrive by being stuck ‘on’ or ‘off’ but by feeling safe, supported and connected. You may be seeking support to access what’s happening in your body. You will be able to settle your system and grow in self-mastery; return your system to a regulated state. You’ll become more aware of your body, feel a stronger connection to yourself and shift deep-seated patterns. You’ll be more productive when you experience calm and spaciousness.

Are you afraid of speaking in public? Or do you want to speak in a relaxed, calm state, even when you are under pressure?

A public speaking coaching relationship supports you to fully connect with your audience. Public speaking coaching supports you to develop real presence and a quality of wakeful attention.

As a psychotherapist and coach, I guide and promote soulful connections; with your mind, body, emotion and spirit as well as with all the other people and networks in your life. Clarity of mind, solidity in body, resilience in spirit and the ability to be flexible emotionally, are the cornerstones of well-being. I seek to uncover and express your authentic self and potential through awareness. I declare my heartfelt energy to you: supporting you to find your journey, progress, transformation and destination.

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Sally Forman psychotherapist and life coach wellington and online

Authentic Harmony

Supporting People toward Change and Success

Welcome to Authentic Harmony, a coaching, psychotherapy and counselling service supporting personal and transpersonal growth since 2012.

Sally Forman is a trained, experienced coach and psychotherapist. She immigrated to Aotearoa New Zealand from the UK in 2011; a move that is an expression of Sally’s commitment to walk the talk of living from what matters most to her. She founded Authentic Harmony to enable people to discover who they are at their core, connect with others and be deeply fulfilled and successful in what matters most to them.

When you connect to your core, you’ll be authentic, able to manifest your full potential. Life and relationships will be more enjoyable and satisfying.

Why Sally?

Holistic, Whole-Person-Centered Approach. I promote soulful connections: with your heart, mind, body and spirit as well as with other people; within families, among social networks and as members of organisations. Clarity of mind, solidity in body, resilience in spirit and the ability to be flexible emotionally are the cornerstones of well-being.

The Quality of My Training - Psychotherapy


The Quality of My Training - Coaching

  • I am a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the largest and oldest coach training school in the world. CTI’s coach training and certification programme is recognised as the most rigorous in the industry; a twelve month programme, of five in-person experiential workshops and a six-month virtual certification programme, followed by a written and oral exam. On completion I earned a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach designation in 2009. I am trained to coach anyone, on any topic.
  • I completed CTI’s Advanced Co-Active Leadership Program, in 2010. This programme fostered my leadership skills and potential. It armed me with an empowered sense of self and purpose.
  • I am a graduate of Speaking Circles International’s® Facilitator Certification Training, in 2010. SCI promotes a relationship approach to public speaking, focusing on authentic presence and connection; with your self, your audience and content.
  • I hold NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming), since 2008, trained by John Field of Field and Field and Judy App of Voice of Influence (previously both of ABL World, London).
  • International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified
  • I hold the credential, as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), established in 1995, dedicated to the development of professional coaching. ICF credential demonstrates knowledge and skill and a commitment to high professional standards and code of ethics. Coaching you can trust.
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coaching in kapiti and wellington cbd and online
Life Coaching

Transform to Your Next Level

Transforming Lives

I coach transformational change. Coaching is not about figuring your way to the next level. Nor is it only about building plans, setting goals or deciding on what's the next thing you want to do. Coaching is about what is the next leap, the realisation you need that will take you to a new level in your life. If, for example, you want to make your business more sustainable or you want more fulfilling relationships, a transformation, within you, needs to occur. I'll coach you to your next level. I hold your transformation, where you are going, where you are moving to, in my heart.

Enhance the Quality and Results in Your Life

In coaching you to higher achievement and deeper connection and fulfillment I aim for you to realise deep satisfaction; in life and work that is meaningful, value-based, and purpose-driven. I’ll support you to view challenges and opportunities from an empowered stance, making powerful choices and taking effective action. To engage fully in every moment.

Support to Stay on Track

I'll support you, to not slide back into old habits and patterns and to keep moving forward into the life you want to be living.

Holistic, Whole-Person Approach

I coach whole life, whole person. We may focus on one aspect of your life, such as work or health. And, in order for you to, truly, be transformed, we focus on your whole life and all parts of you; your mental well-being, your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. Transformation is only truly possible when all parts of self are integrated.

Being and Doing

I coach Being and Doing. Who you are being impacts to create a successful outcome as much what you are doing. I'll support you to quiet your mind, to listen to and be curious about who you are, how you show up and how you want to be. In the stillness you can tap into your inner wisdom, creativity and resourcefulness. From this space, of increased awareness, self-knowledge, capacity and resilience, you'll be able to take more effective action (Doing).

Become the Author of Your Life

I’ll invite you to reflect on your assumptions, beliefs and consciously, with intention, lead your life. I coach you to discover your inspiration, direction, meaning and purpose – the keys to leading a successful life. I seek to uncover and express your authentic self and potential as an individual and support your interconnection with others and the world around you. My job is to ask powerful questions, listen and empower to elicit the skills and creativity you already possess, rather than instruct or advise you.

"Sally is a breath of fresh air. She is a very warm person with deep respect and integrity. The combination of her serious commitment, power and playful way of being enabled me to move forward in my work and life in ways I never thought possible." Ian, Business Executive
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psychotherapy kapiti coast and wellington cbd and online


Discover Your Self and Unfold

I offer regular psychotherapy sessions along with life coaching on the Kapiti Coast and in Wellington, that will assist you to make sense of how you are and support you to connect with others and be truly present in your life the way you want to be. 

Discovery and Unfolding

Psychotherapy is about discovery; discovering the very heart of yourself. Psychotherapy is also about unfolding. I'll provide a relationship and environment where you can safely discover yourself.

Stories connect.

Psychotherapy is often dubbed 'talking therapy'. The story of who you are, how you feel and what is important, matters. Stories connect us. I'll be interested in the words you speak as you retell your story.

Your Body is a Storyteller

You live the story of who you are through your body. Your body is a storyteller too. Your body shows the story of who you are, how you feel and what matters in the way you move, sit, stand and talk. Your history is written in your body, right now. The stories of your past may still be dominating the present, despite your best attempts to move on or bury them. I'll be curious about the story your body shows. And I'll invite you to be curious too. We’ll be curious together.

Getting to Know the Unconscious

The story you live through your body is, mostly, out of your awareness. It's unconscious. Unconscious habits and addictions are the vehicles by which the past still works on us. But your body is like a path. It will show us the way to what's important. I'll invite you to listen to your body and assist you to slow down enough to study your gestures, facial expressions, sensations or feelings, in order to gather new information. Together we will meet the past in the present. Then you can gently dismantle its power.

Discover Your Self

The story your body shows reveals information about your beliefs, habitual behaviours and patterns. Some of your beliefs, habitual behaviours and patterns serve you. They affirm your life. Others will be causing you pain and suffering. They’re depleting you. You can learn to be with your pain and suffering, in a way that directs you toward healing, understanding, and compassion. The more you discover about yourself, the more awareness you will gain; about who you are, how you meet the world and how you perceive yourself and others.

Awareness Gives You Choice

Awareness gives freedom, the freedom to explore fresh possibilities; to choose what you think, feel, how you act and perceive yourself, the world and others. Troubling events of the past become faded memories and eventually loosen their grip over your body and emotions. You'll enjoy life more. You'll engage in fuller, more rewarding relationships.

"Over time, Sally reignited a spark in Mark. Gradually all of the exceptional qualities and characteristics that made him who he was but had been lost for so long gradually returned. Sally doesn’t give you the answers; instead she opens your mind to new perspectives, which allow you to find your own solutions." Alison
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public speaking coaching in kapiti wellington cbd and online

Public Speaking Coaching

Become Present and Real

I coach public speaking from the inside out. Training for public speaking is not about giving you feedback on your style or mannerisms, nor is about giving you piles of ‘correct’ postures, gestures and speech effects to practice. Coaching for public speaking is about developing presence. It is also about learning to be real. I’ll coach you to be present and authentic. I’ll coach you to be relaxed, calm and centered under pressure.

Enhance Your Presence

Presence is a quality of wakeful attention. Presence connects you, with yourself, with your audience, one person at a time, and with your content. Presence gives you intentionality and enables clarity and aliveness. Presence allows your passion and expertise for the topic to shine through. Presence inspires. I’ll coach you to pause, slow down, quiet your mind and listen. You’ll cultivate an inner calmness and resourcefulness. From this space, of increased awareness, capacity and resilience, you’ll be able to stand in your power, with direction and intentionality. You’ll be able to draw on your content with ease. I’ll coach you to connect with your audience one person at a time. You’ll build relationship, intimacy and collaboration with them.

Be Authentic

An audience recognises a person who cares. Authenticity creates trust and establishes credibility. I’ll coach you to be curious about who you are, how you show up and how you want to be. You’ll grow the qualities of courage, clarity and conviction and the capacity to take charge. You’ll be able to be yourself. You’ll create impact and influence. You’ll be naturally effective. When you focus on presence and authenticity you calibrate your style to the occasion.

Rethink Your Audience

Speaking with an audience is different to engaging in conversation. Audiences listen, and respond, differently. I’ll coach you to be relaxed in front of passive, blank faces. I’ll coach you to speak from an empowered stance; to assume your audience is supporting you.

"Sally is inspirational. She walks the talk and models the process she teaches so well in the way she presents and relates to a group. She is gentle, sensible and trustworthy, with her feet firmly on the ground. She encourages risk taking because she provides a solid safety net within the group process." Sue, Educator
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supervision for life coaches and psychotherapists in kapiti and wellington cbd and online

Professional Supervision for Coaches and Therapists

Build confidence and skills

Develop your strengths

I offer supervision. I affirm your strengths as therapist or coach, as therapist or coach, while discovering together what might be limiting the therapy or coaching as we discuss your client work and concerns.

At times, where the process can feel stuck, this is about deepening the range of options to explore with a client or exploring fresh ways of seeing the process. Other times, your core beliefs and experiences may be limiting your choices in the moment. We explore this, in a way that builds confidence and more possibilities in working with a variety of clients and what matters to them. My intention is for you to be clearer, more flexible, solid and empowered; to have new confidence in your own development and self-reflection moving forward with your practice.

Typically, a supervision session is an hour and between once a week and once every month, depending on the demands of your work and context.

"Sally is open, encouraging, thoughtful, and spiritual." Kitty Russell, Counsellor
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I am based in Paekakariki and have rooms in Wellington at:

Kapiti Coast

Naturally Well
9a Wellington Rd
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Laevus Group
Level 2, Change House
150 Featherston St
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sally forman  life coach and psychotherapist kapiti wellington cbd and online

Contact Sally

Phone: 04 904 4305
Mobile: 021 0285 6029
Skype: sally.forman
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If you are considering psychotherapy or coaching with someone who is highly experienced contact me. I would love to get a sense of where you are, where you want to be and answer any questions you might have. Then you can decide if there is value for you, if you want to work with me, and how you want to move forward from here.

Find the right path for your personal development. I offer 1:1 sessions, groups, Speaking Circles and supervision. I work face to face, on the phone and on Skype.