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Sally Forman

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Personal life coaching & psychotherapy
I have relocated to Central Otago. My practice is full. I have no availability for new clients or a waitlist.
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Sally Forman psychotherapist and life coach wellington and online

Hello, I’m Sally Forman. As a psychotherapist, certified Hakomi therapist and professional certified coach, I believe that my role is to be a friend of your soul. I am dedicated to providing a relationship and the space where you can gently unfold.

You may be seeking support at this time because stress is overwhelming your normal coping response. You may have crumbled into defeat, depression or lost perspective. Perhaps your daily life is driven by cycles of hope and fear or you’ve got lost in worry, anxiety, emotional darkness or despair. You may have shut down, be on autopilot, have reverted to earlier coping mechanisms or be trapped in negative thought patterns. You feel you’ve become a passive bystander in your life, no longer able to shape your experience.

Some stress is normal. When stress overwhelms our normal coping mechanism the intensity can take us off guard. Some habits and patterns serve us. They support us to achieve our potential in relationships, work, parenting and other aspects of our life. But other habits and patterns, in the way we think, feel, behave, believe and relate limit us. These patterns cause suffering and hold us back from everything we long for. These patterns are out of our awareness. They are unconscious. As a psychotherapist my role is to provide a relationship of safety, kindness and respect. This supports you to be with your suffering, in a way that directs you toward healing, understanding and deep transformation.

Explore how you perceive yourself and the world around you. Transform the habits and patterns that hold you back. Look for fresh possibilities. You’ll enjoy life more, engaging in fuller, more rewarding relationships.

You may be grieving... a pet, your partner, a role, a friend, your homeland or family member.

Loss unravels and disrupts. When a loved one dies, the relationship does not die. Grief invites us to transition, from loving that relationship in presence to loving in separation. Through a psychotherapy relationship I can give you gentle support as you come to terms with your loss, overcome challenges, make choices and reshape your life.

You may be keen to live the life you want most.

Within a coaching relationship of safety, trust and confidentially, I can support you to let go of preconceived rules and limitations and step into creating a life that is centred on what truly brings you alive. Coaching can support you to view life’s challenges and obstacles from an empowered stance. It helps you make making powerful choices and select the experiences you most want. This relieves you from being at the mercy of circumstances and dashing about trying to ‘have it all’. Coaching can support you to more fully know yourself.

Perhaps you have a fear of speaking in public and want to learn how to be relaxed and at ease when you speak, even under pressure.

Relational Presence is a mindfulness approach to speaking in public that supports you to be real, relaxed and most importantly relationship-focused – able to connect with your audience. When you connect with your audience your message impacts, inspires and empowers. I can show you how.
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About Sally

Sally's Training - Psychotherapy

  • I am a registered attachment-based and relational psychotherapist, since 1997, from The Bowbly Centre, a pioneer in an attachment-based, psychoanalytic relational approach to psychotherapy. Attachment styles originate in early interactions with primary caregivers and often endure into adulthood. Attachment injuries shape our emotional realities. These injuries can be transformed later in life through nourishing and attuned relationships with partners, friends and therapists.
  • I am a Certified Hakomi Therapist from the Hakomi Institute, a pioneer in mindfulness, somatics and experiential psychotherapy. I practice the Hakomi Method; gently, respectfully and safely encouraging clients to use the power of present emotional and somatic experience to explore unconscious perceptions and reactions that dictate how they live their lives and engage in relationships.
  • I hold EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) Practitioner, trained by Richard Mitchell of EMDR Workshops, in London.
  • I hold Registration and an Annual Practicing Certificate with the Psychotherapists Board of New Zealand (PBANZ), Te Poari o nga Kaihaumanu Hinengaro o Aotearoa.

Sally's Training - Coaching

  • I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, since 2009, from the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), the largest and oldest coach training school in the world. I am trained to coach anyone, on any topic. The focus of a coaching relationship is the client, what they want in their life and what will support them to achieve it.
  • I hold the credential, as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), established in 1995, dedicated to the development of professional coaching. ICF credential demonstrates knowledge and skill and a commitment to high professional standards and code of ethics. Coaching you can trust.
  • I completed CTI’s Advanced Co-Active Leadership Program, in 2010. CTI trains leaders to be agile, collaborative, and most importantly relationship-focused – able to connect, engage and empower.
  • I am a graduate of Speaking Circles International’s® Facilitator Certification Training, in 2010. SCI promotes a relationship-focused approach to public speaking, focusing on authentic presence and connection; with yourself, your audience and content.
  • I hold NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming), since 2008, trained by John Field of RapportTech and Judy App of Voice of Influence (previously both of ABL World, London).
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Discovery and Unfold

Psychotherapy is about discovery; discovering more about yourself. Psychotherapy is about recognising your strengths and resources. Psychotherapy is also about unfolding and transforming the automatic perceptions and reactions you have to all aspects of life. Then you can make more nourishing life choices. As your psychotherapist, my role is to provide the space and a relationship of safety, kindness and deep respect within which you can discover, unfold and make fresh choices.

Become Curious about your Body

Our history is written in our bodies; in tensions, emotions, pain, in posture, in gestures, the way we speak and move. The body is like a path, showing us the way to the stories of our past. Stories that may still be dominating the present, despite our best attempts to move on or bury them. As a Hakomi therapist, I can show you how to use mindfulness as a tool, to slow down, stay with and study your gestures, facial expressions, sensations or feelings, in order to gather new information about yourself.

Dismantle the Power of your Past

Together, as we study your beliefs, habitual behaviours and patterns, we will meet your past in the present. Some of these beliefs, habits and patterns will be causing you pain and suffering. As you reengage with them, you can gently dismantle their power. Troubling events from the past become faded memories and eventually loosen their grip on your body and emotions.

Open to New Experience

As you explore who you are in this way, you open to new experience. As you let these new experiences impact you, you’ll enjoy life more. You’ll engage in fuller, more rewarding relationships. I can show you how. 

"Over time, Sally reignited a spark in Mark. Gradually all of the exceptional qualities and characteristics that made him who he was but had been lost for so long gradually returned. Sally doesn’t give you the answers; instead she opens your mind to new perspectives, which allow you to find your own solutions." Alison
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Life Coaching

Create the Life you Want Most

To create the life you want most, it’s important to know what truly matters, what holds you back and what that future life will look like. I can coach you to discover your values, identify self-limiting beliefs and create your vision for a compelling future and fulfilling life.

To create the life you want most, it’s important to make life-affirming choices. I can coach you toward actively choosing your life, not just reacting to it.

To create the life you want most, it’s important to be able to be present and stay grounded in any circumstance or state of mind. I can coach you to move through emotionally charged issues and reframe them as opportunities to more fully know yourself.
As a Co-Active coach, I believe you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. My role as your coach is to create the space within a relationship of trust, safety and confidentiality for the emergence of your creative solutions that are transformational and sustainable.
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Public Speaking Coaching

Learn to Relax, Be Real and Connect

I coach Relational Presence for public speaking; gently, respectfully and safely encouraging you to be real, relaxed and most importantly relationship-focused – able to connect with and engage your audience. When you connect and engage with your audience your message impacts, inspires and empowers.

Be Real and Connect

Whether you want to move through a fear of speaking in public or want to be more authentic, effective coaching for public speaking is not about giving you feedback on your style or mannerisms, nor is about giving you piles of ‘correct’ postures, gestures and speech effects to practise. It’s about coaching you to develop relational presence. It is also about coaching you to be real. I can show you how to use mindfulness as a tool to slow down, build a relationship of trust with your audience and be relaxed, calm and centred under pressure.

Rethink Your Audience

Speaking with an audience is different to engaging in conversation. Audiences listen and respond differently. I can show you how to be relaxed in front of passive, blank faces and to speak from an empowered stance; to assume your audience is supporting you.

"Sally is inspirational. She walks the talk and models the process she teaches so well in the way she presents and relates. She is gentle, sensible and trustworthy, with her feet firmly on the ground. She encourages risk taking because she provides a solid safety net." Sue, Educator
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Contact Sally

I have relocated to Central Otago. My practice is full. I have no availability for new clients or a waitlist.

If you are considering psychotherapy or coaching or curious to know more contact me. I’m open to you giving me a sense of where you are, where you want to be and answer any questions you might have. Then you can decide if there is value for you, if you want to work with me, and how you want to move forward from here.

I offer 1:1 sessions face to face, on the phone and on Skype.
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