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Vicki Graham

Vicki Graham


Clinical Psychologist

Palmerston North

vicki graham clinical psychologist palmerston north

Contact Vicki

Note: I am not able to see new clients at present.
For an appointment
please contact me at:
M. 027 326 8723
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My room is at:
155 Grey St
Palmerston North 
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There is parking onsite and free street parking outside the building.


My regular clinic days are Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.


Making an Appointment

Sessions are by appointment. Please phone or text me directly on my mobile number (027) 326 8723. Calls will often reach voice mail, and I will return messages as soon as I can. You can also email me to make an appointment or ask questions.


First Session

The first meeting (one hour) involves discussing the issues that are challenging for you, and getting some detailed examples of how this affects you in daily life, and your goals.  At the end of this, we should be able to come to a shared understanding of the problem, an indication of some solutions, and a timeframe for ongoing treatment. 


More Questions?

After reading this, you may still have questions about the process of therapy, expectations, timeframes, or how I work. You are welcome to contact me for further information, obligation-free, to help us decide whether I am the right person to work with you. If it seems to me that I am not the right person for you, I can provide referrals to other health practitioners.


The fee for a 50-60 minute session is $145 plus GST.

Initial session 60 minutes; subsequent sessions 50 minutes.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or internet banking. EFTPOS and credit facilities are not available.   

About Vicki

  • Registered with the New Zealand Psychologists Board
  • Member of the New Zealand Psychological Society
I completed my training at Massey University in Palmerston North (BA, MA, PG Dip Clin Psych). I worked for twelve years until 2016 in mental health at Palmerston North hospital, with people aged 18 years and over in the adult Community Mental Health Service, the Alcohol & other Drug Service, and the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy programme. I have worked in private practice in the Manawatu since 2013.

I work with adults (18+), to find new solutions
to your difficulties with ...

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • trauma
  • sexual abuse
  • alcohol and drug use problems
  • eating disorders
  • managing your emotions
  • anger
  • impulsive and risky behaviours
  • interpersonal and relationship troubles
  • sexual difficulties
  • adjustment to loss, stress, change
  • psychosomatic disorders (physical condition that is worsened by psychological factors)
  • stress management
  • grief
  • multiple challenges

Counselling Approaches

My focus is to offer well-researched and effective counselling methods, and my work draws from a number of approaches, chosen to meet your individual needs.
I am committed to recommending sufficient treatment sessions to allow for change to occur, without engaging in unnecessarily lengthy therapy programmes. The counselling methods I use include:​
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Schema work
  • Emotion-focused work
  • Solutions-focused work

"The new skills I learned from Vicki were useful in so many different parts of my life."

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy [CBT]

CBT is a practical, straight forward, and efficient  method of counselling.
It is underpinned by the principle that our feelings are affected by what we think, and how we behave. In states of distress, our thinking is often biased. CBT is a collaborative counselling process, with the therapist helping to identify thought biases, solve problems, generate solutions, and implement solutions in daily life. You will learn skills that you can use throughout your life. Decades of research shows CBT to be effective with many of the challenges people are dealing with, including all of the difficulties mentioned above.


Dialectical Behaviour Therapy [DBT]

Do you find people’s responses to you confusing? Do you struggle to maintain relationships in your work or personal life? Does your life seem often chaotic, or never ending up where you had hoped or planned?
DBT is a very effective method of skills development for people who have difficulties managing their emotions, interacting with others, and find themselves ruled by their impulsive or risky behaviours. I have been intensively trained in DBT, and have been providing individual therapy and skills group training for people in the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy programme at MidCentral Health since 2006.

"I'd been stuck for so long, that the change Vicki helped me achieve was a great relief."

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy [ACT]

Efforts to avoid our negative thoughts and emotions can increase psychological distress, prevent us from being effective in our lives, and have a destructive effect on our relationships with other people.
ACT focuses on giving up the struggle to avoid, by teaching acceptance and mindfulness skills. It helps us to let go of pointless struggles to avoid reality, and to use personal values to move towards a rich and meaningful life. I have incorporated the principles of acceptance, mindfulness and values-driven treatment into my clinical practise since 2005, and have been impressed at how this helps people to make significant changes in a wide range of areas.

Motivational Interviewing [MI]

Many of us, despite being well aware of the difficulties that certain behaviours are causing in our lives, find ourselves stuck in two minds about changing.
Motivational interviewing is a practical method of working through ambivalence and fear about change. Initially developed and applied in the addiction field, it is useful in a range of areas, and it is extremely helpful in moving forward from being concerned about an issue to taking action. 

I look forward to helping you.