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Leela Anderson

Leela Anderson

Counsellor and Family Therapist

Grey Lynn / Westmere
P. 09 378 8788

Note: 2018 update Leela is on extended leave.

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what is counselling

What is Counselling?

I sometimes liken the counselling process to working on a jig-saw puzzle. People come because the pieces of their lives have been disturbed in some way. Some pieces may be missing, while other pieces may feel out of place, or no longer seem to fit. Therapy is a way of working out together what fits where, what is needed to restore old links or finding ways to build new pieces for an evolving life-puzzle.

What I enjoy about my work is creating the opportunity for people to understand the dilemmas, hurts and questions that come with this disturbed ‘puzzle’ and together, develop the necessary resources to meet those challenges.

I enjoy working with couples and families, as well as individuals, and the creativity and challenge this broad client group offers.

How long is the counselling likely to take?

Some people facing a specific issue may require only one or two sessions. Other people with more complex concerns, for example living with a life threatening illness, depression, grieving the death of a child or recovering from childhood trauma, may choose to have more regular and longer term counselling.

Some people are put off therapy because they anticipate that the problem is too big to face right now. In response to this worry, I have found that considerable change can occur by us working together on one piece of a larger concern. People are often surprised - a small change can make an unexpectedly large difference.

I ask people to make a commitment to a first session where we can both gain a sense of the concerns you are dealing with and you can experience how I work. As a part of that first session we would then work out how to best continue with a collaborative plan for any future sessions.
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About Leela


I have worked as a counsellor and family therapist for 25 years, in both Adelaide and Auckland, counselling in agencies and private practice.
  • Clinical Supervisor of Catholic Family and Community Services Auckland
  • Lecturer UNITEC B.Soc. Practice / counselling Auckland
  • Private practice Auckland 15 years
  • Training Director of ‘Shifting Ground’ a distance education programme for rural workers in South Australia
  • Lecturer at Dulwich Centre Family Therapy training programme


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Curtin University, West Australia)
  • Graduate Diploma Family Therapy (Dulwich Centre)
  • Diploma of  Education (UNITEC)

Professional Membership

I am a Member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (MNZAC).
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Supervision for Counsellors

Approximately a third of my work is providing supervision for other counsellors. Below is an excerpt from my 2012 Supervision agreement.


The purpose of supervision consultation:

Is to provide a means of accountability, and effective and safe practice, to the clients we work with and to the wider community.


How might we do this and what might it involve?

I think of supervision as a supportive forum for counselling practitioners to reflect upon, expand and extend practice - a place of learning, discovery and challenge!

We each bring unique life experiences and professional ideas to the counselling practice, however, a common theoretical platform from which to explore the work is vital. My work is informed by the ideas of Social Construction, Narrative Therapy and the Relational Language practices of Johnella Bird.


Ideally the supervision consultation is also:

  • A re-source for ideas, different thinking and perspectives.
  • A supportive environment in which ethical dilemmas can be raised.
  • A place to review skills and identify appropriate professional development
  • A supportive environment to examine the ways in which the work impacts upon the counsellor and to review how this in turn, may be shaping the counselling focus or direction.

Sharing the effort for effective supervision

While each of us take up different roles in this forum, the responsibility for the effectiveness of supervision is joint. Because the primary focus of supervision sessions is the practice itself, practitioners need to be interested in, and committed to reviewing their work between supervision sessions, coming to the supervision session with a prepared list of concerns /questions. I will add any questions or follow-up issues I have and this will be our joint agenda for each session. Tapes of sessions may also be required as a reflection tool of actual practice.
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The fee is $130 for an hour session.

A limited number of concession places are available to low income earners and beneficiaries.
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87 Wellpark Avenue
Westmere / Grey Lynn
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I work in a private studio at the back of the Family Therapy Centre. There is easy street parking in Wellpark Avenue.

Contact Leela

Call me to make an appointment or leave an enquiry. I do not have a receptionist but I clear this phone on a regular basis.

Note: 2018 update Leela is on extended leave

P. 09 378 8788