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Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson

Counselling & Mediation


Specialist Marriage and Relationship Counsellor

Claire Thompson relationship counsellor auckland

Counselling Services

We’ll find solutions to empower you for a more successful life. Life can be tough when you’re struggling with personal, relational, or work issues. We all need to be heard and understood by someone we can trust, and a professional counsellor can be a vital catalyst to help. Together we’ll get to the heart of issues you face so you can go away with answers and strategies, so you won’t have to keep coming back!

Couples/Relationship counselling – saving and enriching relationships: For relationships troubled or on the brink, I can help get the communication and vitality flowing again. Help is also available to prepare couples for upcoming relationship commitments to ensure you start on a good footing for a long happy future together.
Individuals – breaking through tough issues to reach a better life: Things can hit us in life which cut deep – leading to troubled or crippled emotions and behaviour. Let me ease the pain, worry and struggle. We’ll look together at underlying issues and find keys to resolve them and move on to more confident fruitful living. We can also build personal growth and maturity, enabling you to reach greater heights in your life.

Family counselling – overcoming conflicts to become a happy team: Family relationships can be complex. After hearing everyone’s point of view, I’ll identify key issues for each person and offer solutions so you can together reach better communication, peace and family enjoyment.
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Anger management
Anxiety and panic attacks
Stress, trauma and crisis
Grief and loss, including pets
Burnout prevention & recovery
Living with Illness
Breast cancer
Chronic disease
Personal Development
Professional mentoring
Life skills
Marriage, relationship and pre-relationship counselling
Separation issues
Mediation for relationship property or care of children
Same Sex Relationships
Family violence
Worry about children
Adolescent issues
Parenting skills
Mediation for disputes
Conflict resolution

Drug, Alcohol and Addictions

Drug, alcohol and other addictions can be very debilitating for an individual and damaging to their surrounding family, friends or workmates. It affects people right across the board, transcending socio-economic and racial boundaries. I provide effective help for anyone affected by addiction.
  • Drug and Alcohol Counselling
  • Smoking and Quit-for-Life service
  • Food
  • Gambling
claire thompson addictions counsellor auckland
Private assessment and treatment for individuals with drug and alcohol problems: Specialist help to enable people to overcome dependency and restore personal order to attain a more fruitful life.

Expert assessment for workplace drug and alcohol issues: I can help with employees using drugs or those positively tested in the workplace. This includes counselling and safety assessment for return to work. This can be of particular value to smaller companies that don’t have formal schemes but need expert help for management and staff.

Helping troubled families and friends: Drug and alcohol abuse is not just an individual issue, but can wreak havoc for family and friends. I offer support and understanding to help family members overcome alcohol or drug problems, to restore productive lives.

Dealing with multiple addictions: I work with individuals struggling with multiple addictions – on top of drugs and alcohol – such as smoking, gambling and gaming addictions.

Clinical supervision for drug and alcohol practitioners: I am qualified DAPAANZ Accredited Supervisor available to any counsellors in the Auckland area.

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Dispute Resolution and Mediation Services

To bring constructive outcomes at work
I’m available to meet on your premises to undertake an objective assessment to help resolve intractable disagreements, arguments and stalemates – whatever your situation. We’ll work together to reach solutions so everyone can move on productively.

Areas include:
  • Mediation
  • Dispute resolution consultation
  • Conflict management
  • Team building and training
Family Disputes Resolution (FDR)
I am a Family Disputes Resolution (FDR) Provider through the new Family Court Family Disputes Resolution (FDR) mediation service.

I am available for Family Dispute Resolution mediations throughout greater Auckland.
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Workplace Workshops

Companies/Organisations – releasing your full potential
If you’re a manager or director, I can work with you to resolve difficulties with staff relations that impede your organisation’s performance. Let me enable your team to reach its full capability with tools, strategies and solutions to enable you to achieve your goals through people.

Areas include:
  • Dysfunctional work teams
  • Unresolved workplace conflict or stress
  • Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs)
Onsite support services – to get you back on top
I can give support to your organisation or individuals to overcome difficult, adverse or crisis situations and bring positive outcomes.

Areas include:
  • Trauma and critical incident response (CISM)
  • Workplace onsite support
  • Onsite group counselling
  • Training

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About Claire

Claire Thompson counsellor and mediator auckland
Helping improve people’s lives through counselling is a rewarding privilege. It is satisfying to help my clients lead more successful lives and have more fulfilling relationships. My approach is easy, friendly and honest – getting straight to the root of problems to find workable solutions to empower you.

I have 18 years professional counselling experience in healthcare. This includes the UK and NZ, having worked at Auckland, Counties Manakau and Waitamata District Health Boards. Additionally in private addictions practice and non-governmental organisations – primarily with drug, alcohol, smoking and gambling problems.
Bachelor of Biosciences and Health (Hons, Leeds)
Post-graduate Diploma in Counselling (Auckland)
Post-graduate Diploma in Health Promotion and Health Education (Liverpool)
Member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)
Registered Family Court Counsellor
Registered Victim Support Counsellor
Practitioner Member of the Drug and Alcohol Practitioners Association of Aotearoa-NZ (DAPAANZ)
Accredited Clinical Supervisor (DAPAANZ)
Resolution Institute Accredited Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Provider


Howick Counselling Services
Level 1, Selwyn House
16 Selwyn Road

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Ellerslie Counselling Services
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Franklin Counselling Services
23 Therapies
23 Hall Street
(next to Pukekohe District Court)

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Contact Claire

Appointments available after hours till 8pm and weekends.

Please call or text me anytime. I will generally get back to you within two hours.

P.  09 212 9828
M.  021 430 440
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