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Diane McIndoe

Diane McIndoe


At times our sense of direction, self awareness and coping can be missing or out of balance. As an experienced  psychotherapist, I come to your situation with focus, fresh eyes and an open heart, working alongside you to help you find your way.
Diane McIndoe psychotherapist wellington

Contact Details

M.  021 101 5111
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Practice Locations

Level Two, Berl House
108 The Terrace
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Transport and Parking

There is a lot of accessible parking immediately near my central city building on The Terrace.


I am available extended week day business hours, with sessions possible between 8.30am - 7pm.

Client Types



Counselling/Therapy Services

I offer psychotherapy to adults during 60 minute individual sessions. Two ways of seeing me are common. 

Short term therapeutic counselling: This is often focused on particular issues or periods of heightened stress, specific mental health concerns, or facilitation to move through normal life transitions. At least 3, and up to 12, sessions is usual. 

Psychotherapy: This may be longer term - months to a year or more - with an emphasis on deepening self awareness as a basis for things such as, coping with anxiety, anger and sadness, addressing long standing problems, trauma resolution, enhanced relationships and personal growth. 

Most people see me weekly, for an hour at a time. However, in some circumstances clients wish to meet more or less often. A good way to start is to phone and speak with me.  Email is fine too if this is easier for you. Usually we can meet within a few days so that you don't have to wait too long to get some sense if I am the right person for you.


Counselling/Therapy Approach

My approach is awareness and emotionally focused, at all times paying attention to a mindful balance of thinking, feeling and physical aspects of self. We attend to the link between present difficulties and past experiences, as necessary. Over the course of therapy you can expect your overall understanding of yourself and others to significantly increase and new ways of being with others to emerge. Clearly identifying the patterns that reoccur in your life and relationships will allow you more choice about who and how you want to be. Further to this, in offering you an awareness based psychotherapeutic experience, I believe that step by step, you can achieve a less stressful and more vital and connected life.


Registrations and Professional Memberships

  • Registered Psychotherapist


  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Psychology
  • Diploma of Gestalt Psychotherapy 

Background and Experience

I am a registered and experienced psychotherapist. I earned my Honours degree in Clinical Psychology at Victoria University and some years later, after much life and work experience, undertook retraining and a specialist qualification in Gestalt psychotherapy. Before establishing a private therapeutic practice, I had a satisfying professional career as a manager, consultant, trainer and programme specialist.

I value and look for the following for myself, and also hope to offer these things to others  - honesty, connection, creativity, challenge, gentleness, embodiment, liveliness, solace, feeling and presence.