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Dione Davies

Dione Davies

Counsellor & Arts Therapist

After the Rain Arts Therapy
Help for people who are lost and confused in their lives - maybe its depression, maybe anxiety, you just know something is not right and it's time to get some help.  We'll work online - through video chat, wherever you and your phone are.
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M. 021 877 214
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Practice Locations

Online Arts Therapy and Counselling available to you anywhere in New Zealand - wherever you and your phone are.

Transport and Parking

No need to worry about transport or parking. We can meet wherever you and your phone are!


I see clients exclusively online, with a variety of times available. If you have particular day/time needs I can probably oblige.


Standard sessions are $150.
If you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints funding may be available through your bishop - talk to me about this.
If you are 16-25 we can access funding through I AM HOPE - talk to me about this.

Payment Options

Payment can be made online through my website.

Client Types



Areas of Special Interest

Depression, Anxiety, Trauma especially trauma from you childhood. But I also have personal experience with and interest in working with people dealing with eating and weight issues, single parenting, and spirituality and faith crisis.


Counselling/Therapy Services

You feel so lost. You aren’t sure what exactly is wrong, just that something is just not right. Is it depression? Anxiety? You’re so tired of trying and not making any progress. The battle seems so impossible.

You want to have control of your life again! To feel better! You don't want to be exhausted and overwhelmed all the time. You don’t want to be scared by everything all the time. You want peace, confidence and to know you can do hard things!

Together we can find you! We’ll try some things you’ve never thought of doing before. This will be different! You will learn to do things to take care of yourself! You will learn to recognise and challenge those unhelpful thought patterns and know how to deal with them. You will stop believing those things about yourself that used to hold you back. Everything will be possible!

You can't know enough about me from reading these few words. Come meet me on my website. I have lots of videos of me there so you can see what I'm really like. And then book a free 20-30 min meeting online. No obligation, no awkwardness, I promise!


Counselling/Therapy Approach

I am an art therapist as well as a counsellor.  There'll be talking but if you are open to it there can also be art, moving your body, writing, and any other ways we can find to express your feelings and experience.  Trust me, I'll be gentle, and you'll enjoy it!  There's incredible power in expression without the spoken word.

I see my clients exclusively online so we don't need to live in the same town - we can meet from your home, your office or even your car! Wherever you and your phone are! 


Registrations and Professional Memberships

  • Professional Member of the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Arts Therapy Association (MANZACATA)


  • Master of Arts in Arts Therapy (Clinical)
  • Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling)

Background and Experience

You can find out a lot more about me on my website than I can fit in this little space. Go there to see and hear me talk about anxiety, depression, art therapy and life in general.

From there you can book a free 30 min introductory session where you can meet me and see if you think we can work well together. No obligation, no awkwardness, I promise!