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Dolly Young

Dolly Young counsellor kapiti coast

Dolly Young


‘Find Your Freedom’

Are you feeling stuck, stressed, confused, anxious, depressed?
Are your limiting beliefs stopping you from moving forward and living your best life?
Are you behaving in ways that hold you back and stop you achieving your goals?
Are you seeking clarity around your values, goals, purpose in life?
Are you after phenomenal coping skills, techniques and strategies in order to make positive changes in your life?
It’s not easy when life throws us challenges. It can feel like a constant struggle, it can hurt, and throw us into confusion. It can feel very lonely and isolating. You desperately want things to change, for life to be more affirming and enjoyable, and to have fun!

I would love to invite you to embark on a phenomenal and transformative journey of self-discovery, awareness, healing, balance and integration of mind, body and spirit. In other words, to Find Your Freedom!
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Working with Dolly has changed my life for the better! Not only am I feeling more confident but my friends are noticing how I am more assertive! Each session we do clears or releases old beliefs that hold me back from achieving my goals. She is helping me turn my story into a positive, happier, healthier one. Thank you Dolly, you’re one in a million!
PL, Kapiti Coast

dolly young counselling kapiti coast wellington

Most commonly I am asked to assist in the following areas:

■   Trauma recovery
■   Stress Management
■   Grief/loss/bereavement
■   Conflict and struggle
■   Anxiety/ panic attacks
■   Depression
■   Self-confidence/ self-esteem
■   Relationship issues/skills
■   Divorce and separation
■   Adjustments and transitions
■   Personal awareness and growth
■   Health concerns
■   Blocks to living your best life
■   Fears and Phobias
■   Public Speaking
■   Exams
■   Money Blocks
■   Stop Smoking

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Working with RTT and Dolly has had a profound impact on me. It almost effortlessly unlocked and moved on stuck bits I’d carried my whole life. Unlike other therapies that can often feel exhausting and traumatic, RTT with Dolly was a gently and efficient, leaving me feeling motivated and clear. We are lucky having someone like Dolly with these skills in our community. DJ, Wellington

dolly young counselling kapiti coast and online

Life-changing Services

My passion is to help you to experience the Life-changing, Affirming and Powerful benefits of Counselling Services and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). Together we can discuss which specific modalities will best suit your current needs and look at ways I can best support you in moving forward and living your best life, freeing you from whatever has been holding you back! Along the way you gain awareness and insights, learn new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving, become empowered and in control of your own life! You will learn new skills and develop new resources that you will be able to call on for the rest of your life.

Counselling Services

I employ a variety of counselling methods streamlined to suit you and your concerns, that will help you to move forward in your life. I love to be able to provide therapies that acknowledge the huge interconnection between mind, body and spirit. I offer an environment that is safe, accepting and empathetic, as we work together on a journey of discovery, growth, change and transformation, leading to healing and a balanced life  ... more

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

RTT is a hybrid method that incorporates the most effective components of  hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, CBT and NLP in a unique combination that produces a transformative effect on clients. It is a revolutionary new therapeutic approach which really help us to identify and clear mental blockages. Many clients see rapid transformations as they release the behaviour and beliefs that are holding them back, so they can take back their power and fulfil their life's potential. RTT sessions are available online via Zoom or in person on the Kapiti Coast ... more


In my work with hypnosis I simply use beautiful guided meditations and visualisations to help clients to relax and therefore get the most out of their sessions. Hypnotherapy allows for change to occur in a person’s thoughts, words and actions, and even beliefs and attitudes. It creates change from the inside out through bypassing the critical conscious mind and connecting with a person’s unconscious mind ... more
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I had a fear of flying and had experienced panic attacks on planes before. I had a consultation with Dolly to see if Hypnosis would help as we were due to do a long haul flight in 3 weeks. It worked!! I had a great flight, felt relaxed, could watch movies, read and sleep with absolutely no issues!! I am very grateful to Dolly for her awesome skills in helping me overcome this fear. I highly recommend her!
KH, Wellington

Dolly Young counsellor kapiti coast and online

About Dolly

I am a Counsellor and Rapid Transformational Therapist. My training, skills and life experience enable me to work alongside you as you heal old wounds and let go of the past, identify and remove limiting beliefs, overcome challenges, set goals and define your life purpose. In doing so, you can discover what is important to you now, connect truly with yourself and with others, and live an amazing and fulfilling life.

I value people, their passions, their interests, their desire to find their freedom and live their best life. I offer a variety of resources and skills along with myself and what I bring, to work with you in an holistic environment of compassion and empathy, safety and confidentiality, acceptance, support, curiosity, growth and healing, validation and fun!!

Qualifications & Registration

  Diploma Counselling
  Diploma Teaching ECE
  Advanced Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner
  Certified Hypnotherapist
  NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner
  Member NZ Association of Counsellors, Te Roopu Kaiwhiriwhiri o Aotearoa (MNZAC)
  Associate Member Hypnosis NZ
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I received an RTT session from Dolly and Iím very, very happy with the session that I received. I wanted to work on issues concerning being motivated. Dolly was especially good at helping me get to core of the problem. She is very knowledgeable, compassionate and communicates well. I highly recommend Dolly as an RTT hypnotherapist.
TC, Australia

kapiti coast counselling and hypnotherapy
I live on the Kapiti Coast and work from Raumati Beach.

Contact Dolly

Wherever possible I endeavour to meet clients’ needs around appointment times. I do have a limited number of lower cost appointments available for those who may be on a lower income. Call me for more details.

P. 021 104 3266

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