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Galyna Ashayeva

Harmony Counselling & Couples Therapy
Counselling can be a rewarding opportunity for you to come to know yourself, and develop balance and inner contentment. As a qualified and experienced counsellor I have the knowledge, understanding and skills to guide you on your journey of self-exploration, improved relationships, and new directions.
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Contact Galyna

M.  021 042 2198
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Practice Locations

House of Health
888 New North Rd
Mt Albert
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Appointments are available:
Monday to Friday from 11.20, 12.40, 2.40 and 4.00


I am fluent in English, Russian / Pусский and Ukrainian / Yкраинский.


The fee per session is $160 for a 60 minute session. Please feel free to discuss payment. I do respect individual financial circumstances.

Payment Options

Internet or cash.

Client Types

Adults and couples.


Areas of Special Interest

Relationship counselling, sex & intimacy issues, cross-cultural relationships, impacts of immigration, anxiety, depression, stress, body image & eating disorders, confidence, self esteem, managing menopause, mental illness, separation/divorce.


Counselling/Therapy Services

I believe strongly that people have the ability to live fulfilling lives, and enjoy harmonious relationships with other individuals, with their inner self, and with the universe. Counselling offers an exciting and rewarding opportunity for you to come to know yourself and develop inner peace. As a qualified and experienced counsellor and therapist I believe I have the knowledge, understanding and skills to guide you while you focus on overcoming your current hurdles on life’s journey. 


Couples Counselling

The relationship between two people is not a destination, but rather a journey; and relationship counselling is powerful tool couples can use to overcome its challenges in a constructive way. You can learn to accept and appreciate your differences, effectively communicate your feelings and needs, and adjust your beliefs and habits, adding a deeper meaning and strength to your relationship. Through counselling it is also possible to conquer your fear of intimacy and sexual problems and develop a healthy, active and physically and spiritually enjoyable sex life with your partner. While, cross cultural couple counselling can give you the tools to create a unique, joint couple culture where you both feel “at home”.


Counselling/Therapy Approach

I believe that as we journey through life we search for reason and meaning, learning many lessons along the way. During this journey we live simultaneously on different “levels”, being physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I have made it my life’s work to help you make that journey happy, fulfilling and exciting.

I use a systematic, holistic approach that takes into account your environment, culture, physical and emotional health, your beliefs, spirituality, life-style, and stage of life. I guarantee complete confidentiality, respect and support of your individual circumstances, and a high level of professionalism to guide you on your journey of self-exploration, improved relationships, and new directions.


Registrations and Professional Memberships

  • Member New Zealand Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)

Qualifications and Experience

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling (Auckland University)
  • Masters in Practical Psychology
  • Masters Diploma in Biology

Background and Experience

I have been a therapist in private practice for the past 15 years. I have also worked as a counsellor for Relationship Services NZ for 10 years, in Mental Health for 1.5 years. New Zealand has been my home since 1999 when I moved from the Ukraine and the historically significant city of Sevastopol. I am fluent in English, Russian and Ukrainian, and am constantly working on both my professional and personal development.
"I have seen my share of counsellors, and none of them hold a candle to Galyna’s skill and personal style. Galyna has an amazing gift and her mark on the world is a truly beautiful one."