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Jennifer DCosta

Jennifer D'Costa


Online and phone counselling available during Covid19.

Resolve the things that are hindering your well-being
and find a new kind of freedom in your life.

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How I Work

My approach as a counsellor is transparent, honest and non-judgemental. You will be heard, understood and supported as you resolve the issues that are impacting your self–worth and well-being.

Counselling is a holistic way of looking at yourself. It gives us the opportunity to talk to an unbiased person who has the skills to help us find a way forward. When we carry unresolved issues they can impact on every aspect of our lives - relationships, work and physical health. Resolving issues gives people a wonderful sense of being free and the ability to let go and move forward.
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Who I work with

I work with children, young people, adults, couples and families.

I have often worked with people who for reasons of ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation have experiences of being different within their community or culture. I embrace differences and my practice is LGBTI friendly.
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I have helped people with

  ●   stress
  ●   anxiety
  ●   depression
  ●   grief and loss
  ●   family dynamics
  ●   migrant issues
  ●   identity
  ●   relationships
  ●   conflict resolution
  ●   goal setting
  ●   communication
  ●   addictions
  ●   mental health issues

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Counselling methods I use

I use a range of counselling approaches which include client centered approach cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT),Transactional Analysis (TA) and Motivational Interviewing(MI).

I also work well with couple therapy approaches like EFT and Gottman Method that support couple’s in their journey of a healthy and functional relationship.

I enjoy working with family therapy approaches which recognise that people live in a community, with many connections. Good therapy acknowledges those connections, and helps people to heal them or make new ones.
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Clinical & Cultural Supervision

I enjoy providing clinical supervision and cultural supervision to counsellors and health professionals. I am very transparent and open in my communication with my supervisees. I keep confidentiality well and hold very clear boundaries to support the supervision process. Supervisees say they find me supportive, fair, and honest and open to discuss a variety of supervision issues. I am skilled at matching the supervisory process to meet the particular needs of the supervisee and their level of experience. At various times this can mean I may be providing guidance, mentoring, support, theoretical knowledge, skills development, ethical inquiry, or robust conversation with a peer.
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About Jennifer

Since coming to New Zealand 18 years ago I have worked as a Clinical Supervisor, Drug and Alcohol Counsellor, Methadone Case Manager, and Residential Support Worker. Before coming to NZ I practised as Counselling Psychologist providing Student Guidance Counsellor for 4 years in Mumbai and also was a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Applied Psychology University of Mumbai, India. Overall I have worked in the Addiction and Counselling field for the past 23 years.


  Member of the NZ Psychological Society (MNZPsS)
  Registered Member and Supervisor with the NZ Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)
  Practitioner Member Drug and Alcohol Practitioners Association of Aotearoa-NZ
  Registered Supervisor with Drug and Alcohol Practitioners Association of Aotearoa-NZ


  Masters of Arts (Psychology)
  Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Guidance
  Bachelors of Arts (Psychology)
  National Certificate in Mental Health



Individuals: $150 per 1 hour session
Couples: $180 for 1 hour session
Families: $200 for 1.5 hour session

Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer at time of session.


Highland Park, Auckland
Burswood, Auckland
Online and phone counselling available

Contact Jennifer

NOTE: I am unable to take clients until September 2021.

M. 021 186 9843

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