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Leela Anderson

counselling for crossroads in auckland with leela anderson

Counselling with Leela Anderson


Grey Lynn / Westmere
P. 09 378 8788

Having a private space to unravel your experiences is often the first step in generating positive change.


Are you struggling with:

  • a recent relationship separation
  • being diagnosed with a sudden illness
  • a conflict at work or in your personal life
  • losing your joy for life and want to find ways to rediscover it
  • burn out at work
  • a crossroad in your life ... read more
  • anger and resentment, that you want to find ways to resolve
  • imagining a vital and creative life after retirement


Problems may look the same but solutions are unique

My 30 years of counselling families, couples and individuals has confirmed there are no generic one size fits all solutions nor 10 magical steps that work for everyone.

What I am interested in is creating a supportive space of exploration and unravel some of the questions and concerns that come with your unique situation and explore what opportunities may come with this time. What do I value? What is really important to me and my family? How can I adjust to this challenge? What is outdated, what no longer fits, and where does happiness and contentment lie for this phase of my life? Taking the time to reflect, review and even ‘dwell in the crossroad’ for a period of time allows new possibilities and understandings to emerge.

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counselling for change central auckland leela anderson


About Leela

leela anderson counsellor central auckland
leela anderson counselling room westmere auckland


I have worked as a counsellor and family therapist for 30 years, in both Adelaide and Auckland, counselling in agencies and private practice.
  • Private practice Auckland 20 years
  • Clinical Supervisor of Kelmarna Family and Community Services Auckland
  • Lecturer UNITEC B.Soc. Practice / counselling Auckland
  • 12 years in community and mental health, Adelaide
  • Training Director of ‘Shifting Ground’ a distance education programme for rural workers in South Australia
  • Lecturer at Dulwich Centre Family Therapy training programme


  • Registered with the NZ Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Curtin University, West Australia)
  • Graduate Diploma Family Therapy (Dulwich Centre)
  • Diploma of  Education (UNITEC)
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Are you at a crossroad in your life?

counselling for hard choices in auckland with leela anderson

A Sudden Event

Something that catapults us emotionally and physically into a foreign place, a place full of questions, pressures and disturbing changes.

  • the care / death of a family member
  • the diagnosis of a serious illness, or an accident
  • an unwanted relationship separation
  • work retrenchment
counselling for dilemmas auckland with leela anderson

Life Stages

These may be more predictable cross-roads, yet they raise important questions that impact on future life directions.
  • Do I stay on this career path or look for something different?
  • Will I go for gap year or straight to tertiary studies?
  • Am I/we ready to take on a house and mortgage or follow that dream of travel and adventure?
  • My retirement is looming … it's more than having enough savings … what do I really want this next stage of life to be about?
counselling for life crisis in auckland with leela anderson

Lost and Adrift

This cross-road is often identified by a profound sense of being lost, disorientated and questioning, "Is this what the rest of my life will look like?"

This loss of spirit and ‘joie de vivre’ rarely happens in a single moment.
counselling for major decisions in auckland with leela anderson

The Train Wreck

Where am I and how did I get here? How do I get ‘home’?
We are all vulnerable to the pressures inherent in our modern life styles. These pressures can fuel reactivity, resulting in destructive habits or impulsive decisions that often have major consequences. This cross-road is usually precipitated by a ‘running off the rail’ crisis and significant loss- be it of reputation, family or financial status. The focus of this crossroad highlights the need to stop, to take serious stock, to repair and regroup.
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counselling for life transitions in auckland with leela anderson

You don’t have to jump!

So often we react to emotional pain and discomfort with knee jerk responses or by leaping out of the life we know, only to regret it later. Making changes does take courage - as does finding calm in the eye of the storm for genuine review and reflection.

Cross-road Conversations offers the opportunity to review what has led to and contributed to this cross-road in your life, and an opportunity to explore the ways forward.
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Supervision for Counsellors

I think of supervision as a supportive forum for counselling practitioners to reflect upon, expand and extend practice - a place of learning, discovery and challenge! We each bring unique life experiences and professional ideas to the counselling practice, however, a common theoretical platform from which to explore the work is vital. My work is informed by the ideas of Social Construction, Narrative Therapy and the Relational Language practices of Johnella Bird.
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clinical supervision for counsellors with Leela Anderson


The fee is $140 for an hour session.

A limited number of concession places are available to low income earners and beneficiaries.



87 Wellpark Avenue
Westmere / Grey Lynn
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I work in a private studio at the back of the Family Therapy Centre. There is easy street parking in Wellpark Avenue.

Contact Leela

Call me to make an appointment or leave an enquiry. I do not have a receptionist but I do clear phone and email messages on a regular basis.

P. 09 378 8788

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counselling with leela anderson westmere auckland