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Liz Gow

Liz Gow counsellor and life coach whangarei and online
Congratulations on being curious about what is possible for you. If you are READY for change, all it takes is one small step at a time. As you are reading this you are already on your way and I would love to walk alongside you for this part of your journey.
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Liz Gow life coach whangarei and online
My passion is walking alongside people who are ready for change and want to be empowered as they tap into their intuitive selves connecting to inner wisdom and moving beyond the stories of how life ‘should’ be.

Our conversations will be hopeful, uplifting, inspiring and focused on what is important to YOU to have momentum in moving forwards - onwards with your version of life.

Liz, you are the most affirming and encouraging person I know. You always reflected on what I shared with you and brought back aspects to delve deeper into and raised themes I didn’t see. You let me plan the direction and pace. You used humour and kept me on track with firmness when needed. I absolutely valued the sessions I had with you as they have changed my life in many positive ways, even though it is now 3 years later the empowering effect hasn’t worn off. Once again – thank-you!
Thank you Liz, for walking beside me on this journey. I always felt understood. So much growth in so little time, Liz it is always such a pleasure working with you. Thank you.


EAP Counselling

I have contracts with a number of companies and organisations to provide counselling for their staff. 

You can contact me directly for EAP counselling if you work for:
  • Whangarei District Council
  • Kaipara District Council
  • Total Orchard Management

If you work for a company or organisation that has an EAP counselling contract with: you need to contact them directly and tell them you would like your counselling with me (click on their link to go to their websites).
Through your EAP counselling I can provide practical assistance when personal or work challenges arise that may impact on your ability to do your job or if it affects wellbeing.

Some challenges may include:
  • Stress, pressure, overwhelm
  • Low mood, low energy
  • Assertiveness
  • Workplace changes
  • Grief and loss
  • Relationship and family matters
  • Health and wellbeing



I offer journeys to connect with your higher self, your inner wisdom and intuition. With curiosity we explore what is possible, where you empower yourself even more to live your delicious life. Integrating the body, mind and soul.

Evolution – our journey – how we became who we are now.
Vestigial – what identity/skin do you want to shed?
Exaptation – what can be repurposed? What is useful?

The journey is gentle, kind and as we take small steps, self-compassion and mindfulness to nurture and nourish is central to this experience. We will learn how to take care of ourselves before we start the journey, learning how we handle emotion, sensation, thoughts/core beliefs, anxiety, to create, remember what soothes and builds tolerance to feel all emotions, therefore strengthening resilience for the healing that comes with such a journey.

This journey is only for you if you are curious to experience the following modalities:
  • mindfulness - practices here & now
  • learning about the human operating system
  • self compassion - kindness towards ourselves
  • creativity - writing prompts, doodles, collage ....
  • guided visualisations - optional
  • moving the body in slower, kinder ways
  • wellbeing practices
A willingness to feel the discomfort of healing that is necessary allowing all emotions to appear, including joy, contentment, peace. You cannot subdue sadness, fear for example, without subduing all emotion. As you connect, integrate body, mind and soul, you will recognise what feels right to you and learn to trust your intuition and inner wisdom. Living life on your terms.
Practical Information for Undertaking The EVE Journey
  • the journey takes place over 8 fortnightly sessions
  • you can do it as an individual or in a group (minimum of 6)
  • can be done face-to-face or by zoom, skype or phone
  • investment for Individuals NZ$110 per session
  • investment for Group participants NZ$50 per session
Liz Gow life coach whangarei and online




Saturday 14 & 21 August, 9 am-12 pm
2 mornings NOW $30

Develop your self-esteem and the confidence to speak up for yourself in your life! Many people find it hard to ask for what they want in their lives and they also find it hard to say no. Discover how to express yourself in a way that makes you feel good, yet still respects the other person. Let's explore what Assertiveness is and be guided to find your voice. Leave with strategies and tools.


Wednesday 8th - 29th September
6 - 8 pm for 4 weeks NOW $40

Each week we will explore a different topic that will support an understanding of how our 'operating' systems work so that we can implement strategies to make life easier on ourselves instead of believing that we are defective or need fixing in some way. 
By sharing knowledge and raising awareness we can then use strategies that work for us as individuals.  We will explore how anxiety operates, fight, flight, freeze, thought patterns, core beliefs and connect with values, to what matters to give us focus. Small steps! 


Saturday 9 am-12 pm
Term 4 - dates & cost to be advised

Resilience is like a muscle, it takes time and intentionality. Focusing on four core components—connection, wellness, healthy thinking, and meaning, enables us to develop mechanisms for protection against experiences that could be overwhelming, helps us to maintain balance in our lives during difficult or stressful periods, and can also protect us from the development of some mental health difficulties.
You will leave with awareness and strategies for each core component continuing to grow your resilience.
Liz Gow life coach whangarei and online


About Liz

Liz Gow counsellor and life coach whangarei and online
Member of New Zealand Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)
Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling
Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy
Certified Neuroleadership Coach
SoulCollage® Facilitator
Certified Master Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach
My parents were Hungarian and I was born in England. As a young adult I worked in private business/administration. However, I have always loved working with people, and believed in people’s ability to achieve for themselves. This led to qualify as an Occupational Therapist in 1995, with a variety of roles in the UK and NZ, working in mental health, an eating disorder service, hospice and neurological rehabilitation for over 18 years.

We moved to New Zealand in 2003. I have worked as a counsellor since 2012, as a School Guidance Counsellor, ACC Counsellor, EAP, including District Councils and in private practice. I am a Life Coach since 2005 and have facilitated workshops and teach various subjects at Community Education Whangarei - Adult Education. I have experienced counselling, coaching, creative therapies, movement and meditation practices on a number of occasions, still do and know how it can enrich life.

I am married to a lovely Scottish man. I love anything to do with water, enjoy Rock'n'Roll, Ceroc, walking, African drumming and am curious enough to try most things.

I have a strong practice of wellbeing and have practiced yoga for a number of years, resulting in my being a yoga teacher. I hold gratitude for the privileges that enables me to have the life I have. Would love to hear from you.
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  • EAP Counselling is free
  • Coaching for individuals is $110 per session
  • Coaching in groups is $50 per session for each participant

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Liz Gow counsellor and life coach whangarei and online
Depending on the service, sessions can be:
  • In-Person at Whangarei Wellbeing,14 Davies Street, Kensington.
  • by Zoom/Skype depending on the service.
Tel:  +64 9 438 5386
Mob:  +64 21 451 522
Skype:  lizgowservices
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