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Counselling and group programmes for men, women, youth, and children
who have caused or experienced Family (Domestic) Violence/Abuse and want help to change their lives.
Services are available in Orewa and Warkworth

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We provide effective help for all types of Family Violence including: physical, sexual, or psychological abuse; intimidation; harassment; damage to property; threats of abuse; and causing or allowing a child to witness the abuse of another person.

abuse prevention services orewaMen "Living Without Abuse" Programme

Are you looking for positive ways to improve your relationships?
Do you take your anger out on others?
Are you afraid that you are repeating destructive patterns?
Do you sometimes behave in ways you later regret?
Is your family frightened of you at home?

Often referred to as “Anger Management”, this is a group programme for men who want help to learn how to manage their angry feelings, and change abusive behaviour and attitudes.

Facilitators provide a supportive environment where you can:
  • learn to recognise your early warning signs 
  • learn skills to deal with your anger
  • learn how to stop violence or abuse
  • develop communication skills
  • understand the intergenerational cycle of violence and how to break the cycle for your children
  • improve your relationships with your partner and children
  • develop skills to manage stress
  • develop parenting skills
  • understand issues of power and equality in a relationship
Location: Orewa and Warkworth
Duration: 2.5 hours per week for 16 weeks
Start dates: every month throughout the year
Cost: free if you are referred by the Court, otherwise $20 per session for waged and $10 per session for unwaged.

abuse prevention services orewaWomen "Living Free From Abuse" Programme

Do you feel like you're walking on eggshells?
Are you often convinced you're going crazy?
Does it feel like this relationship is all about them?
Are you isolated and afraid?

This is a group programme for women who are currently, or have previously been, in an abusive relationship and who want support to make positive choices, heal, and move on to a life free from abuse.

Attending this safe and confidential course will help you rebuild your self-esteem and confidence by helping you to:
  • understand family/domestic violence and abuse, and its effects on you and your children
  • understand the cycle of abuse
  • understand power and control issues in relationships, and how to change them
  • learn about healthy relating and how to move towards equality
  • learn about the myths and stereotypes about family violence and abuse
  • develop ways to improve your self-care and personal boundaries
  • develop anger management skills
Location: Orewa, Warkworth, and Helensville.
Duration: 2.5 hours per week over 12 weeks
Start dates: various times throughout the year, contact the office for next course date
Childcare: a crèche may be provided
Cost: free for women with a Protection Order, otherwise $60 (negotiable depending on circumstances)

abuse prevention services orewaChildren and Young People's "Free to be Me" Programme

Are you concerned for your children's safety and well-being?
Get them help now before they repeat the cycle of violence and victimhood as adults.

This Programme is designed for children and young people who have experienced family violence. An initial assessment is carried out with the caregiver to explain the programme and check if it is suitable. The caregiver is also informed of progress during the programme.

The Programme covers four themes important to children who have witnessed abuse:
  • breaking the cycle
  • learning to protect themselves
  • strengthening self-esteem
  • positive experiences
Location: Orewa and Warkworth
Duration: up to 10 weeks
Start dates: as arranged with caregiver
Cost: free

abuse prevention services orewa Counselling


A safe, confidential and professional counselling service is available for:
  • women with dependant children who have experienced any form of abuse in a relationship
  • men with dependant children who have been, or are enrolled, in the Men “Living Without Violence” programme
  • families where young people are exhibiting issues around their own anger
  • couples where abuse has been an issue in the relationship
  • young people and children who have witnessed abuse
Location: Orewa and Warkworth
Duration: up to 6 sessions of one hour
Start dates: as arranged with counsellor
Cost: free


abuse prevention services orewaProfessional Standards

  • All counsellors are Members of the NZ Association of Counsellors (MNZAC).
  • APS Services are approved by the Ministry of Justice and Child Youth and Family.
  • We are also members of the National Network of Stopping Violence Services – Te Kupenga Whakaoti Mahi Patunga, and a member of the Te Rito Rodney Family Violence Network.

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Services are available in Rodney and Hibiscus Coast.

Ph (09) 425 8130  for general enquiries, and the men's services or text us on 027 344 0098
for a call back.
Ph (09) 422 2102  for the women's services and the children's services or text us on 021 023 20297 for a call back.
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Postal address: PO Box 398, Warkworth, 0941

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