Ai Kihara

Director at Hana Counselling and Education (ACC/EAP therapist)

Ai is an ACC Registered Trauma (Sexual Abuse) Therapist, EAP therapist, Domestic violence advocate, Domestic violence therapist, NZCCA qualified counsellor and social worker (Registered in Japan). Ai can undertake counselling in either English or Japanese. Ai works with groups and individuals including, adults, children and adolescents.

Areas of Expertise

  • sexual abuse
  • child abuse
  • domestic violence
  • mental health
  • addiction, drug, alcohol, tobacco
  • cross-culture
  • loss &grief
  • trauma
  • parenting
  • Relationships
  • Suicidal intervention
  • Work-related issues and problems (EAP) 

International Students

I have worked at Taylors College as an attendance officer in the student welfare office and have a passion to provide counselling for international students, not only for Japanese but other ethnicities, too. I provide counselling both in NZ and Japan by face to face, phone and Zoom.

Counselling Services

I believe the relationship between the client and myself is equal and therapeutic by the holistic perspective, which means we create your new counselling journey with a comfortable and safe environment.

I use my own life experience and work experience as a social worker and counsellor to combine different interventions. My basic concept of counselling comes from Morita therapy and Naikkan therapy. These two therapies will improve your resilience and guide you to start your new life.

To sustain the effective and safe practice, I refer to other counselling models and theories such as Person-centred therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Transition Analysis, Art therapy. I always check your preference and progress not only by us but also by my supervisor in confidentiality.

Counselling Approaches

  • Person-centred therapy
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
  • Transition Analysis (TA)
  • Art therapy
  • Morita therapy
  • Naikan therapy
  • Imago therapy 

Background and Experience

  • Have trained and worked as a social worker and counsellor since 1997
  • My private practice work involves individual counselling, couple, family, seminars and workshops (e.g, Self-esteem, boundary)
  • Worked at Women’s refuge in Japan and other services as a social worker in Japan
  • Worked at Lifeline, Shine (Domestic Violence Centre), MIT Manukau (lecturer) and other social services
  • Currently working at ACC, EAP, Community mental health service, Shakti Women’s centre through my own business of director at Hana Counselling and Education.Ltd
  • Worked for international students’ since 2011. (Counselling, advocate, agent job)


Q Registrations and Memberships

- Member of the NZ Christian Counsellors Association (MNZCCA)
- Registered Social Worker, Japanese Social Workers Association
- ACC Registered Counsellor
-EAP therapist

Q Qualifications

- Master of Arts (Counselling, University of Auckland)
- Bachelor of Sociology (University of Momoyama, Japan)
- Bachelor of Arts (Food and Science)
- Diploma in Counselling
- National Certification in Health, Disability, and Aged Support Core Competencies
- Certificate of Triple P (Parenting trainer /facilitator)
- Certified Stop Smoking Programme Practitioner
-Trainer certi of Foundations in Infant Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ICAMH) Trainer certi of Foundations in Infant Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ICAMH)
-Trainer certi of the SCAS-ABC (screening young people for substance-related harm) Trainer certi of the SCAS-ABC (screening young people for substance-related harm)

Q Languages

I am fluent in English 英語 and Japanese 日本語.

Q Fees

- Private practice: $140 per session (50 minutes)
- Contact me to find if you are eligible to use your insurance, WINZ, ACC, EAP or other funding.
- International students can claim the counselling fee from their insurance company (please contact me if you have any questions).
- payment can be made by Cash or Internet Banking

Q Awards

-Outstanding Perseverance at Lifeway College in Warkworth, Auckland, New Zealand (2008)
- GHP Mental Health Awards 2022,England, (2022)