Amanda Down

Counsellor, Family Therapist, Supervisor


Whatever the size or nature of the problem, having company to get on top of it helps. I create space, for people with little time or space, to attend to what’s important. We address anything from a niggle to a crisis. Step away from what’s bothering you and into where you’d prefer to be.


Areas of Special Interest

  • oroblems of relating
  • youth and their families
  • troubling emotions – anger, sadness, helplessness
  • mental health
  • fakeness
  • stuckness
  • workplace stress
  • concern for others
  • life-limiting illness
  • loss
  • feelings of failure
  • abuse
  • new directions


Counselling Services

Whatever the size or nature of the problem, having company to get on top of it, helps. Problems can drain energy, dampen spirits and even trick us into believing we are one. They also interfere with the joy of living.

Kia ora. My name is Mandy Down. I’ve worked as a professional counsellor in many different settings with people of all ages, genders and lifestyles. People often come to me at significant periods in their life.

I provide an environment that allows people, with little space or time, to attend to things they are finding problematic. My area of expertise involves helping people to step away from the effects of whatever is bothering them and into where they’d prefer to be. We address anything from a niggle to a crisis. It doesn’t matter how you tell your story when you arrive. It’s yours.

I work hard to make sure that we talk about things in your language to understand how you view the world. This is so we can do more of what works for you.

It’s lovely being able to play some part in shifting distress and to share people’s delight when they discover that there is hope for things to improve.

A lot can be achieved in a single session. For some people that’s enough, while others prefer more.


Counselling Approach

I realise that many people are unsure about seeing a counsellor. We take time to get past awkwardness by talking about that.

My aim is to create enough distance between you and the problems, so we can see them, for what they are.

We can do useful things with hard and painful stuff without going into the detail, if that helps. Sacred and beautiful things – as well as traumatic events – can be talked about in safe ways.

If people have had enough of talking I use a whiteboard. This lets us stand back and get a fresh awareness of what’s going on. Youth and children like other active, visual and fun ways to attend to what is important. They come up with creative ways to make situations better.


About Me

I’m a mum and step-mum. Before I had children I worked in IT. At the moment I’m into outdoorsy things like mountain-biking, gardening or contemplating nothing in the hammock.

I’ve worked in mental health, youth, health & social service, prison, hospice, CYFS, workplace, family court and educational settings in counselling roles. Occasionally I work as a funeral celebrant.

Contracts to deliver services have included programmes for: EAP work, domestic violence, parenting through separation, anger management, couple work, recovery from trauma & sexual abuse, loss, palliative care, youth mental health, substance use reduction, addictions, addressing bullying and discrimination in the workplace.

Recent presentations: (NZCCA – 2016, Paiheko – 2015, NZAC – 2014, Hospice NZ Palliative Care – 2012, Family Therapy Association Aotearoa – 2012).


Supervision Services

I provide consultations to other counsellors, health practitioners and leaders, for clinical supervision and professional development purposes. This can be with individuals or groups.

I get curious about what things mean to you, your values, code of ethic or philosophical approach (that some call integrity), as well taking care of practice and other work/life issues. This is to deepen awareness about what it is that we do and the effects of that.

I’ve helped facilitate the learning of the theory and practice of counselling at Weltec. In particular, Narrative Therapy & Pluralism.



Q Registrations and Memberships

- Member of the NZ Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)
- Member New Zealand Association of Family Therapy (MNZAFT)

Q Qualifications

- Bachelor of Counselling
- Certificate in Supervision

Q Location

Level 5, NEC House
40 Taranaki Street

Online counselling available.

Q Appointments

- Monday to Friday usual business hours.

- Professional Support – as negotiated with your organisation.
- Counselling and Coaching - If you’d like to meet with me through an Employee Assistance programme (EAP), Employer well-being programme, please get in touch to see how that might work.
- Private consultations also available.

Q Payment Options

Internet Banking