An Introduction to Autistic-Centred Counselling

Autistic Centred Counselling

Presenters: Sherine Mettini (MNZAC) &  Serena Stace (MNZAC, AThR)


This workshop has been developed as a result of many years of working with people on the autism spectrum (including Asperger Syndrome), their families and associated professionals.

It addresses their struggle to find suitable counselling that empathises with the many traits of the autism spectrum that can present in confused meaning when it comes to making sense of their emotions, communications and social awareness.

The co-facilitators have observed how autistic client-centred counselling can resolve many stressors for the client, their family and often for the professionals. Sherine and Serena have been counselling austic people for over 20 years. They both have family members on the autism spectrum, giving them lived experience, knowledge and understanding into the issues and challenges experienced by autistic people and their families.

The focus of the workshop will be to provide understanding, strategies and techniques for professionals to have confidence supporting autistic clients and their families. Examples will be presented from both counselling case studies and stories from autistic clients to help professionals make sense of ‘everyday’ worlds through the eyes and minds of autistic clients regardless of their cognitive ability.

This training will be of particular interest to counsellors, therapists, and professionals who support people on the autism spectrum and their families.


Some of topics we will explore:

  • Counselling principles and modification for counselling when working with autistic people.
  • Anxiety and depression and other feelings
  • Stuff that works and stuff that doesn’t
  • Strategies and case studies


Workshop notes and a PD Certificate will be given at the end of the workshop.


When: 2022 to be confirmed

Where: Wellington


  • Sherine Mettini 029-972-4411
  • Serena Stace 027-353-4120
  • or use the email form