Cristina Fon

Psychological Services

I am a registered clinical psychologist with over 23 years experience working in the public and private sector, helping people achieve wellbeing and personal goals.

As a psychologist, I see positive change happens when people choose to live consciously and authentically, according to their values.  Talking therapies can help a person align their goals with their values, and move towards living a more meaningful life.  Within the therapeutic relationship, clients should experience non-judgemental support along with gentle exploration of issues to evoke reflective awareness.  From this, new insights develop and behaviour change can emerge.  For therapy to be of benefit, it is important that both the client and therapist agree on the direction, pacing, and duration of sessions.

I work with adults and adolescents.  I have a particular interest in working with caregivers who parent children with neurodevelopmental disorders, and who manage challenging behaviour.


Areas of Speciality


  • depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship
  • challenging behaviour, parenting support


  • ​Forensic – risk assessment,  fitness, insanity,  extended supervision orders,  disability and offending
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders  (e.g, ID, ASD, FASD, ADHD)
  • Cognitive assessments (e.g, learning difficulties, memory problems)


  • Psychoeducation and skills training for parents, professionals, residential staff in behaviour.


In 2022, I will be offering online individual therapy sessions, and online parent education workshops.


Q Registrations and Memberships

- Registered Clinical Psychologist
- Member of the NZ College of Clinical Psychologists (MNZCCPsych)
- Member of the NZ Psychological Society (MNZPsS)

Q Qualifications

- Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
- Master of Arts (Psychology)
- Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology

Q Referral Process

- My clients can self-refer. Please contact me for fees.
- I also receive instructions from defense lawyers, the Courts (Youth and District), the Department of Corrections, Oranga Tamariki, High and Complex Needs, and non-government agencies and residences