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Counselling/Therapy Services

You have trouble sleeping. You’re tired (mind the pun) of lying awake at night tossing & turning. The thought of going to bed makes you worry. You don’t drop off when you put your head on your pillow. If you do, you wake up during the night and can’t get back to sleep for hours. You worry about the toll your sleeplessness is having on your health, your mood, your relationships and your ability to function at work. You want to sleep better. You want to look forward to bedtime. You want to wake up feeling refreshed. You want to feel like sleep isn’t controlling your life.

I specialise in treating insomnia and sleep difficulties. Insomnia is not a mental health disorder per se. It is a problem with the human sleep system. Insomnia doesn’t get better with standard psychotherapy and requires specialist therapy using CBT-I. I am one of the few CBT-I trained psychologists in NZ.

I get that sleep issues take a toll. I’ve experienced sleep loss myself during previous careers in the corporate sector and military. Sleep problems suck. Good news is, CBT for Insomnia is very effective. More than 75% get real improvement. It’s hard to believe you can get relief in 5-6 weeks when you’ve suffered for years. So reach out, let’s chat.


Counselling/Therapy Approach

I treat insomnia using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy For Insomnia (CBTi), the #1 non-drug insomnia treatment recommended by the American Academy Of Sleep Medicine & health agencies worldwide.

I also treat co-occurring anxiety, depression, and emotional issues using scientifically validated treatments that I combine with CBTi.

For other disorders, such as Circadian Rhythm Disorders or Nightmare Disorder I follow recommended treatment approaches.

I like to collaborate with my clients and have a generally relaxed and easy going style. Please read my clients’ reviews on the clinic website to get a sense of their experience working with me.


Background and Experience

  • 10+ years psychologist with the NZ Defence Force including multiple postings with NZ Army, Head of Navy Psychology, 1x posting to Airforce
  • 3 years as performance psychologist with NZ Special Operations.
  • 3 years sports performance psychologist including Olympic cycling, professional rugby, netball, motorsport, squash.
  • 8 years as an accountant & business consultant (prior to career as psychologist)



Q Registrations and Memberships

- Registered Psychologist
- Australasian Sleep Association

Q Qualifications

- Bachelor of Arts (Psychology & Management)
- Master of Arts (Behavioural Psychology)
- Post-Graduate Diploma Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
- Certificate Cognitive Behaviour Therapy For Insomnia

Q Appointments

Mon 8am - 9pm
Tue 8am - 9pm
Wed 7pm - 9pm
Fri 8am - 12pm

Q Payment Options

Afterpay available