Dr Paul Duignan

Clinical Psychologist


The coronavirus situation has put everyone under enormous pressure. As a registered clinical psychologist, I treat stress online using an approach based on the latest evidence about the best ways to assist people in times of crisis.


Areas of Special Interest

Focusing on treating stress in a time of crisis.


Counselling/Therapy Services

Dr Paul Duignan is a registered clinical psychologist who focuses on treating stress. He also works with organisations as a strategy psychologist, but he puts aside time to work one-on-one seeing clients online. He brings to his work with clients both his psychological skills, plus his real-world experience in many different types of workplaces. He is aware of the stresses that confront everybody no matter what they do, plus the particular ones that leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, and people in small businesses face. Obviously, these stresses have seriously escalated with the current coronavirus situation.


Counselling/Therapy Approach

As a registered clinical psychologist, Dr Paul’s approach is based on sound research evidence about what works. He focuses on your situation, personality and needs and selects the fastest and best way for you to deal with stress right now and into the future. The way he works is:

First, we need to put in place emergency stress-reduction measures to deal with the stress you are facing at this moment.
Second, we also need to start to put in place a longer-term approach that will build your resilience into the future.
Third, we need to use the current crisis situation to find new sources of meaning in your life through the way in which you rise to the major challenges you are now having to face.



Q Registrations and Memberships

- Registered Clinical Psychologist

Q Qualifications

- Masters of Social Science
- Masters of Arts (Applied) Clinical and Community Psychology
- PhD (Psychology)

Q Appointments

Flexible range of session times available.

Q Fees

- Sliding scale depending on circumstances.
- You may be eligible for health insurance funding by some health insurers for sessions with Dr Paul.
- payment can be made by online banking

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