Dr Tonya Dudson

Therapist, Supervisor, and Psychiatrist


I have a special interest in providing longer term psychotherapy for those willing to commit to personal exploration of what is happening for them currently, how they have become the person they are, as well as considering what has happened in the past. The intention is toward better understanding and acceptance of one’s self, thus developing increased security and improved relationships with others.

Therapy services:

I provide long term psychodynamic psychotherapy, meeting with clients at least weekly.


The therapy relationship is one where we develop trust and security over time. The therapy space is one where you can be heard, and curiosity is encouraged. Within this setting we can explore current life difficulties, and recognise patterns that repeat over time.  In particular I am interested in the nature of relationships, both in the present, and how these have been influenced by past events. People frequently present for therapy with uncomfortable or distressing feelings, so we take time to notice these, understand them and manage them.  Often this involves the need to process past hurts and losses, in a manner which is safe. We keep in mind the importance of family, close relationships, as well as the broader community and cultural context.

As a practitioner I am genuine in my interest and care. I have a wealth of experience and knowledge to bring.  I can be both be serious, and also use humour.  I am creative in my practise which means there are many ways in which we can engage in the therapy journey, something that develops together over time.

As a psychiatrist I have expertise in the area of neurodevelopment within a social context. I am able to integrate prescribing of medication alongside of therapy if this is both indicated and thought to be helpful.

Background and Experience:

I am a practising  psychiatrist, having worked in the public service for over 25 years.  This has been within Community Mental Health Services, as well as the Regional Eating Disorders Service for the last five years. I have worked with both children, adolescents, adults, and families.  Throughout this time, I have both trained and integrated therapy into my practice. My current journey is in psychodynamic psychotherapy where I am involved in ongoing professional development.


Q Qualifications:

- BHB (1990)
- MbCHB (1993)
- Fellow Australian New Zealand Royal College Psychiatrists (2002)
- Certificate of Advanced Training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (RANZCP, 2007)
- Post Graduate Certificate in Systems Theory and Family Therapy (2010)
- Certificate of Advanced Training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (RANZCP, pending)

Q Fees

- $160 (+ GST) is $184 per therapy session.

- $350 (+GST) is $402.50 per hour
- Referral from GP or therapist required.