Elizabeth Grayson


I am a trained psychotherapist, and I am passionate about good mental health and bringing change in people who are stuck, in distress, or in crisis.  I work with individual clients both online and face to face in Ponsonby.  I seek to work compassionately and openly by providing a warm, safe, and confidential space. 


My Therapeutic Approach

I work from a relational psychodynamic point of view and am influence by attachment theory, trauma theory, personality and character theory and non-violent communication which helps people to articulate their feelings and needs.

I value working with the whole person to bring about change through exploring beliefs and relational patterns that are causing you difficulty or distress. Also, by focusing on what is happening in your current life and what you experience in the therapy room with me to support insight, self-discovery, growth, and so you can experience more satisfying relationships with both others and with yourself.


I am interested in helping people with:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • sexual trauma
  • childhood trauma
  • chronic illness
  • relationship issues
  • pre/post-natal depression

I also have an interest in religious and spiritual matters and am completing a dissertation on Christians experiencing a crisis of faith.


Q Registrations & Memberships

- Registered Psychotherapist

Q Qualifications

- Diploma of Comprehensive Nursing (Registered Nurse, Manukau Institute of Technology)
- Bachelor of Health Science in Psychology (Hons)
- Masters of Psychotherapy (Auckland University of Technology)

Q Fees

- $130 per session