EMDR Training Opportunity


Online training with Australia’s leading EMDR trainer, Graham Taylor

I am organizing an online training with Graham Taylor for New Zealanders who want to become trained in EMDR. There are limited trainings in NZ, and long waiting lists. In our current environment, doing an online training offers a lot of flexibility.

I have had a long discussion with Graham about the content of the training and I am really impressed with what is covered and included in the training package. It is far more comprehensive and well set out than the NZ training that I did. I have asked to volunteer on the course so that I can learn a few more things that we weren’t taught and, in NZ, that I would have to pay a lot extra to learn.

We are putting a training together for New Zealanders because; I want my providers to be EMDR trained, because I want it to be more available, and because he is going to offer NZ friendly times. He is in Perth with a 5-hour difference, so this is great for us even though he has to get up at 5am.


Here is Graham’s training website





Basically, you have to have a level 8 qualification.

I am in discussion with Graham that if you are a Level 7 counsellor, but you have a lot of experience and some trauma experience and training, that you can also do it.

You are eligible for membership to https://emdraa.org/ (Australian Assoc) and also EMDRNZ, at the end of the training. The Australian website has excellent, free, EMDR resources.


Q We have penciled in some 2022 dates:

Hours are: 9am to 12.30 and then 1pm to 5pm

Day 1: Friday 3rd June
Day 2: Saturday 11th June

Then you have space to work with clients and have case consultation around it

Day 3: Friday 5th August
Day 4: Saturday 6th August

Then the advanced level 2 is:
Friday 7th October and Saturday 8th October.

Q Cost:

- Full Training $1695 (NZ approx. $1815)
- 2 and 3 month installment plans available

This provides all your training materials and resource library (over 550 MB, 940 files ), 190+ page personalised Reference Manual, 6 days of interactive training (42 hours total), and 10 hours of Case Consultation.

In comparison, the NZ training costs $1960 without the case consultation (supervision) and you need to travel and stay in Wellington.

If I have a group of 16 people, he will give a 10% discount and if we have 24, he will give a 20% discount, which is very generous.