Hilary Jackson

goodTherapy - Helping Life Get Better


The landscapes of our lives can sometimes feel littered with challenge & difficulty. Together we can look at how to create movement in the direction of a life you’d prefer to be living. My aim is that our conversations will be useful and beneficial for you!


I Can Help With…

  • Grief
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Addictions
  • PTSD / Trauma (I call this PTSI – with an “I” for injury rather than a “D” for disorder)
  • ​​​​​Promoting empowered relationships with mental health diagnoses
  • Whatever may be troubling you


What is goodTherapy?

What is it that makes therapy ‘good’? In my experience (on both sides of the counseling conversation) good therapy emerges within an environment of warmth, trust and safety. Useful questions are extremely helpful. Also, some skills and courage, on the part of both therapist and client. A good co-created connection between us helps too.

Good therapy can help us find the way ‘home’ again. But, what is home?

When we get there, we know.

‘Home’ can be as simple as a greater sense of ease, freedom, or power around something that’s difficult.

Sometimes I think of ‘home’ as my very own True North.

If you feel you’re needing support for change, goodTherapy can be a port in the storm to rest, to reflect. To gather skills, resources and energy so that you can move from where you are now, to a life that’s better. Get in touch!


The experience of being listened to is so close to that of being loved that it’s often impossible to tell the difference.

My Approach

I seek to become a human who can respond, rather than a human who reacts. I notice when I move out of reactivity, my experience of life feels better. I feel freer. It helps me to connect to calm when the inevitable storms of life arrive.

I believe in the power of ‘making sense of the self’ and really enjoy accompanying people on this journey. Clarity seems to bring with it more choice, and more choice brings more freedom. It’s when we feel trapped that life feels really hard. I draw on a number of modalities in the service of this; I love Narrative approaches, Behavioural Activation Therapy, Brain Science and ‘befriending the nervous system’. I also love poetry, laughing and heart-centred listening.


About Me

I began 20 years ago as a life/parenting coach. I have spent the past 3.5 years working as a counsellor in a community based Adult Mental Health recovery agency. In addition, during this period, I also met with other people seeking counselling in my small private practise.

Today, I am now in full-time private practise, and am located at the Titirangi Wellness Centre. Over these years, I have worked with a wide range of clients, men and women ranging in age from 18 through to 94 – all of whom have shared with me a wide range of life experiences, challenges and of course their hopes for a better future. I look forward to hearing yours.



Q Registrations and Memberships

- Member of the NZ Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)

Q Qualifications

- Bachelor of Arts (Education)
- Graduate Diploma Psychosocial Studies
- Bachelor of Health Science (Hons, first class) Psychology
- Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling

Q What people say

"I've known Hilary for many years, initially as a friend and more recently also in a professional capacity. She's a well-educated and compassionate therapist who is dedicated to finding the best outcomes for her clients. I highly recommend her."
- Nessa K

"Hillary has such a live, keen intelligence, a curiosity and a huge heart, I’m so glad she’s set herself up to help us through the maze of our lives. I don’t hesitate to ask her for help."
- Rachel Derham

Q Appointments

- I am available from Monday to Friday from 8am - 6pm
- I am occasionally available for weekend appointments.

Q Fees

Session rate is:
- $120 (individual)
- $160 (couples)

- If you receive a benefit you can apply through WINZ to subsidise your counselling with me.
- If you have an ACC approved sensitive claim, I am currently awaiting approval.

Q Payment Options

- Payment is required by internet banking in advance or on the day of your appointment.
- Cash can be accepted on the day if internet banking is not an option.
- Please note that I do not have EFTPOS facilities.