Jacinta Cooney

Merivale Psychotherapy and Counselling


UNAVAILABLE I currently have a full caseload so am no longer accepting new clients/referrals.


I am Jacinta, I am a Registered Psychotherapist and qualified Counsellor and am passionate about people and their wellbeing and is why I am so passionate about Psychotherapy and Counselling,…because of it’s ability to enhance and restore a sense of wellbeing within a person.


Emotional difficulties I can help you with:

  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • stress
  • trauma
  • emotional abuse
  • self-esteem
  • food & body image difficulties
  • bullying
  • depression
  • grief
  • relationships
  • separation
  • pregnancy
  • abortion & miscarriage
  • motherhood
  • parenting
  • life transitions
  • work/life balance


How psychotherapy and counselling can help you

When it comes to psychological wellbeing, modern psychology research suggests that therapeutic outcome is best predicted by the quality of the therapeutic relationship. As a clinician I have professional knowledge, skills and psychotherapeutic expertise, but perhaps and most importantly, it is being able to attune to a client’s experience so that they feel heard & understood and valued so they can then begin to do those things for themselves. Working in a therapeutic relationship supports an increased sense of ‘self’, increased self-awareness and the ability to process pain, distress or trauma while also recognising our own implicit strength. It is for these reasons that I get excited about the amazing possibilities, in terms of growth and wellbeing that can come from a simple therapeutic conversation…


My approach

I am a Registered Psychotherapist and Qualified Counsellor having completed a Diploma in Adult Psychotherapy and a Diploma in Counselling.

My work is underpinned and informed by clinically proven psychotherapy and counselling theories and I am committed to ongoing professional development. I am qualified in The Conversational Model of Psychotherapy which is among one of the best clinically validated of the relational psychotherapies and am also qualified in Person-Centred Model of Counselling with training and experience in the use of Short-Term Dynamic Interpersonal Psychotherapy (STDIP) and PIT-Lite modalities.

I have also completed a Bachelor of Nursing and a Bachelor of Commerce.


About me

I have 10 years of experience working with individual clients, and have a particular interest in and experience of working with women. My experience of working as a Counsellor at the University of Otago, and Psychotherapist and Counsellor at the University of Canterbury Health Centres and in many schools throughout the Canterbury region, allow me to confidently support clients in navigating life transitions and difficulties with authenticity, understanding and knowledge.


Q Registrations and Memberships

- Registered Psychotherapist
- Member of the NZ Association of Psychotherapists (MNZAP)
- Member of the NZ Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)

Q Qualifications

- Bachelor Nursing
- Bachelor Commerce
- Post Graduate Diploma HR Management
- Diploma Counselling (Merit)
- Diploma Adult Psychotherapy

Q Appointments

Monday-Friday 9am – 3pm.

Q Fees

- $150 per session
- WINZ support also available
- payment can be made by EFTPOS