Jayne O’Neill

Kowhai Practice


COVID19 - Online Sessions At this stage of Covid19 settings I am providing counselling sessions Online only.


When we can heal our body, our spirit, heart and mind we can truly be present in our life. Life opens up, new pathways are forged, journeys taken, and new possibilities appear.


Kowhai Practice is now providing specialist online services:

  • Professional Supervision
  • Coaching
  • Counselling
  • EAP counselling
  • Couple counselling

All online services are provided via Zoom Pro.

Life continues to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  As a result of this, the environment of the work place and home life has gone through various changes that require ongoing adaptations. The convenience and flexibility of Zoom means counselling services fit readily into your work place and lifestyle. All you need is a confidential and comfortable space and internet coverage/connection. You can be assured of a stable, secure and safe environment to receive your counselling services.

Kowhai Practice has extensive experience providing online services. At the end of 2020 we carried out an in-depth survey on the provision of online counselling and supervision services. Analysis of feedback and the successful use of Zoom services during 2021, provided the confidence that online provision of services was welcomed by our clients.

Accessing your service via Zoom Pro is simple and straight forward.  There is no need to download the Zoom app. You will be sent a Zoom invitation via email before your session which will enable you to easily connect into our meeting. Support can be provided over the phone for those that are unfamiliar with the use of Zoom for online services. Kowhai Practice ensures the process is simple and straight forward for you to access.

We look forward to hearing from you.


About Jayne

When we can heal our body, our spirit, heart and mind we can truly be present in our life. Life opens up, new pathways are forged, journeys taken, and new possibilities appear.

I am passionate and committed to the work we do together. I have been developing my counselling practice for 22 years. I am highly experienced in the following areas: supervision, coaching, EAP counselling, counselling, couple counselling. Highly experienced supervisor, extensive experience providing  EAP counselling, coaching and couple therapy.  I have 9 years of management experience in the NGO field.



Regular supervision or a one-off consultancy session provides a safe space to gain an overview of your work. It is an opportunity to reflect on your professional practice. This is managed in a spirit of inquiry, nourishing the love of learning and openness to look beyond what is in the room.

I provide professional clinical supervision to counsellors and social workers, those working in education and health, management, and workplace supervision. I am a highly experienced clinician and supervisor.  My clinical and supervision experience has developed through work in the health system, NGO sector, 9 years of management, and in extensive private practice as a clinician, coach, and supervisor.

Supervision allows us to engage in ethical conversations, and to challenge world views, allowing the possibilities of new ways to move forward. It is a place to celebrate the work you do, to consider personal wellbeing in the workplace and outside the workplace. This ensures you are nourishing yourself and stay open in your professional practice.

Supervision services: 

  • Clinical supervision
  • Workplace supervision
  • Mental Health professionals
  • Group supervision



Coaching is an agreed relationship between two people that is focused on reaching an identified goal. It is a commitment to change behaviour, circumstances or way of thinking that you have identified. It provides you with positive support, feedback and advice to improve your personal effectiveness in your personal life, workplace or business.

Coaching is a unique relationship with the focus on you and your identified goals and objectives. You will experience attention and commitment that you are unlikely to experience elsewhere.

  • Workplace coaching: An opportunity for you to address work related interpersonal problems; communication, time management; work place relationships, conflict, and workplace anxiety. Supports you to improve performance and step into new opportunities.
  • Life Coaching: Do you see yourself on the verge of a journey of discovery? This is an opportunity to undertake this journey and experience your life unfolding in new and amazing ways.
  • Career Change: Are you contemplating a career change? Before you decide your new career what are the key elements you are looking for in your life? How will your career change assist you to have the life you want?



  • Self-discovery and personal development
  • Stress
  • Burnout
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Supporting and growing great parents
  • Coming to terms with life changes and successfully working through life transitions
  • Couple counselling
  • Family Violence
  • Provide workplace Employment Assistance Programme (EAP)

I match my therapy approach to what best suits you and your situation:

  • Mindfulness techniques, the integration of neuroscience in therapy, application of cognitive behavioural therapy, and deeper therapy when agreed.
  • Mind, Body and Soul integration to holistically heal.
  • Psycho-Educational approach leading to knowledge and understanding that result in improved outcomes
  • Narrative Therapy supporting the knowledge held by yourself. Reframing and freeing you from negative stories restricting your life choices; creating new meaning, new beginnings.


Couples Counselling

This is an opportunity for you to refocus on your relationship.

You’ll be able to deepen the connection between you both, gaining insight and understanding of each other. I will work with you to identify and negotiate difficulties, attend to each other, and learn new ways to respond to life and each other.

Counselling can enable healing at a time when the emotional connection between you both feels lost, after an affair has occurred, or when grief has impacted your relationship, such as the loss of someone close.

Parenting is a challenging time for couples, often impacting on the relationship between you both. This is an opportunity to bring attention back to the relationship while supporting the parenting of your children.


Q Registrations and Memberships

- Member New Zealand Association of Counselling

Q Qualifications

- Applied Diploma in Counselling
- Certificate in Coaching Essentials
- Certificate in Supervision

Q Appointments

I am available to see clients by appointment only:

- Tuesday 9am - 5pm
- Wednesday 11.15am - 6.15pm
- Thursday 8.15am - 3pm

- Friday 9am - 12noon

Skype & Zoom services available.

Q Fees

- Coaching $135
- Supervision $130
- Individual $125
- Couple $150