Lister Centre Mt Eden Psychotherapy Rooms


The Lister Centre is a well-established Psychotherapy Practice which began in the 1990s. We are a group of Psychodynamic Psychotherapists in Mt Eden and we are looking for two new partners to join our centrally located practice.

We have 5 rooms off a long hallway in a big old villa and are seeking practitioners who are wanting a lovely big room each to furnish and make their own.

The property is leased and all five partners names are on the lease to ensure fair distribution of the responsibilities. We are currently negotiating a new year plus year lease and we have always enjoyed a very competitive monthly rent.

We are motivated and enthusiastic about Psychotherapy and are looking for ‘team players’ who will be available to share in usual aspects of the life of the Centre, including domestic tasks and social get togethers when Covid permits.

If you have a vaccine pass and this sounds like a group you might be interested in joining please contact us to talk further.