Living in the Shadow of Depression

The Grief Centre

Who should attend this webinar?

Anyone who works in a professional care role or supports people through all forms of grief and loss e.g. Social Workers, Teachers, Counsellors, Doctors, EMT, Corrections, Mental Health, Hospice, Volunteers etc.



Mental health is talked about a lot in the media in recent years. Out of all the mental health disorders, depression is the most common. This webinar will look at depression in detail, firstly putting it into context as a human experience, and then looking at the symptoms that can help you identify if a person is experiencing a clinical depression versus feeling sad or blue. We will also cover the causes and factors that can trigger and maintain a depression in a person. These two factors are then discussed within the context of how you can help. Finally, we will explore the things that should be uppermost in your mind when you work with a person who has depression.


Key Learning Points

  • An understanding of depression within the context of being human
  • Its prevalence in the community
  • An understanding of the diagnostic criteria of the most prevalent form of depression
  • An broad understanding of the other forms of depressive disorders
  • A broad understanding of causes and maintaining factors
  • Treatment options available and their efficacy
  • What to be mindful of when working with a person who is experiencing depression


When: Thursday 30th September 2021, 1pm – 3pm

Where: Zoom Webinar

Cost: $79 + GST or discounts available for groups of 5 or more

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Q Presenter: Dr Phil Howard

Dr Phil Howard is a registered Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist who works in both private practice and inpatient mental health. He provides assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for those experiencing mental health difficulties. Phil's approach to treatment is grounded in CBT and ACT based modalities.

Q Presenter: Dr Nicole Gifford

Dr Nicole Gifford a registered Clinical Psychologist and a member of the NZ College of Clinical Psychologists (NZCCP). Nicole works half a day in private practice and the rest of the week is with the Auckland District Health Board in the Community mental health team.

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