Lynn Charlton



Psychotherapy helps you develop self knowledge. It helps you become more confident and trusting of your own feelings and responses and therefore more confident in yourself and your relationships. The process of therapy not only heals but also develops your potential.


Here are some typical reasons why you might need psychotherapy:

You worry about being what others want.
You have self doubts.
You depend on approval from others.
You only feel real when you stand in opposition to others.
You don’t know what you want or what you feel.
You have to keep an emotional distance from others to preserve your sense of self.
You suffer anxiety or depression.
You have panic attacks or phobias.
You feel empty when not in a relationship.
You have achieved external success but found it does not make you happy.
You are afraid to be vulnerable so push others away.
You have relationships with people that are already in relationships and end up hurt.
You have had traumatic experiences, emotionally, physically or sexually.
You work too much yet are unable to stop.
You have difficulties with closeness and intimacy.
You have recovered from alcohol and/or drug issues but are not coping.
You have had self-management type psychological treatment but found it did not resolve deeper issues.
You have constructed an image you present to the world that you feel is an illusion.
You don’t know what you want or what you feel.
You have chronic feelings of emptiness, boredom or meaninglessness.
You have painful feelings about adoption – as adoptee or birth/adoptive parent.
You have had health scares and feel afraid.
You feel stressed and overwhelmed.
You feel no one really knows you.
You feel stuck and unable to move forward with your life.
You are having difficulties with miscarriage, pregnancy or a new baby.
You have immigrated and feel all at sea in this new world.
You feel your childhood has left you with wounds that are hard to overcome.
You compare yourself to others and feel a failure.
You have problems in your relationships with your children, parents or partner.
You have experienced a loss and need support to work through your grief.
You have mood swings that make life challenging for you and others around you.
You feel something is wrong but cannot explain what.


Professional Supervision

Supervision for associated health professionals such as GPs, Nurses, Social Workers.



Q Registrations and Memberships

- Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Association of Australasia (PPAA)
- NZ Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (NZIPP)
- NZ Association of Psychotherapists (NZAP)
- Balint Society of Australia and New Zealand
- Registered Psychotherapist

Q Qualifications

- Advanced Clinical Practice Certificate
- Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Certificate
- Introduction to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
- Graduate Diploma of Psychotherapy
- Community Worker Certificate
- Residential Child Care Certificate