Pamela Harland

Find your true spirit of wellbeing

Fast-forward counselling, Energy Psychology techniques – visualisation, quantum fields, imagery, EFT tapping & colour healing.  Make lasting positive changes, manage emotional states & find purpose.

SPECIAL FOR NOVEMBER /DECEMBER for Auckland Business owners –  3 free EAP counselling sessions funded by Benestar/Xero
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Areas of Special Interest

  • Manage transitions & uncertainty in today’s world
  • Find healing & balance for inner calmness 
  • Change negative thoughts & worry
  • Align with intuition & follow spiritual wisdom
  • Find future purpose & life direction
  • Increase self-worth & confidence
  • Develop self-compassion & acceptance.

Counselling Services


The intention is that our work together will bring a greater ability to manage your life in a sustained way bringing wellbeing & balance.  Learn strategies that help to contain emotional states. Apply intuition & inner guidance systems.  Balance mind, body & spirit through your energy centres & energy fields.   Memory re-processing (MR) with EFT tapping unlocks & releases conscious & unconscious emotional memories & long held beliefs. Healing through the body, mind & the quantum morphic fields.

An investment in your wellbeing can make your life phenomenal  . You can read more about me, and my approach to therapy, on my website

Counselling Approach

Fast-forward counselling – strategies for mind, body, soul

New energy psychology techniques

Matrix Reimprinting (gentle memory reprocessing using imagery & colour healing)

EFT Tapping for emotional flow

Healing & balancing the personal & quantum energy fields through colour

Resolve birth issues, healing of ancestral patterns e.g adoption, with gentle re-processing & accessing inner wisdom

Background and Experience

I qualified in counselling psychology in 1996 in the UK with work experience in GP practice, adult mental health & holistic health.  Moving to NZ in 2004, I have worked  with Employee Programmes, hospice & GP/PHO counselling. My work now is mainly managing stress, anxiety & trauma using a holistic model of energy psychology. The focus is the gentle healing of deep emotional wounds, or disturbances in the personal energy field.  The pathways can be generational, through ancestral lineage or past lives.  Talking therapy is now moving forward with the new platform of energy psychology of mind body & energy integration of our personal energy fields and the quantum fields that we experience.


Q Registrations and Memberships

- Registered with the NZ Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)
- Emotional Freedom Technique / Matrix Reimprinting Academy (EFTMRA)
- National Federation of Spiritual Healers (UK) also known as The Healing Trust UK (NFSH, UK)

Q Qualifications

- Bachelor of Science (Hons, Psychology)
- Diploma Counselling
- Post-graduate Diploma in Education
- Post-graduate Certificate in Supervision
- Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Q Testimonials

I have been carrying a burden for 60 years of bad childhood memories of abuse and therapy with Pamela has helped me come to terms with my past and create a positive memory which has been amazing. She helped me get over my earthquake terrors. I can now relax & enjoy life and feel hopeful about the future. Thank you for giving my life back” HS Kerikeri

“ Thank you for bringing my Mum back” HS daughter, Sydney Aus

“Pamela has helped me on numerous occasions to find a sense of increased clarity and purpose around my career direction and life path. She has an incredible propensity to combine head-based/results focus with spiritual/heart energy which made me feel understood, heard and at the same time take clear and direct action towards what I wanted in my life. Pamela brings light and love to many places and people and I really enjoy her fun spirit, laughter and dynamism”. KB Auckland

Q Appointments

online by pre-arranged zoom or phone call
SPECIAL FOR NOVEMBER /DECEMBER for Auckland Business owners - 3 free EAP counselling sessions funded by Benestar/Xero
contact Pamela to find out how to apply

Q Fees

- Fast-forward counselling: $120 per session (50 mins/one hour)
- EAP – employer funded: Benestar, EAP Raise, Instep, OCP (3 free sessions)
- WINZ funded sessions: subsidised if you meet the low income criteria via your GP

Q Payment Options

Pre-paid internet banking for private clients