Paola Therapy Online

MPsych, MNZAC Counsellor

Do you need an experienced therapist with a solid mental health background that can help you with a vast array of symptoms and/or conditions?

After 15 years working in different contexts of psychotherapy and counselling, I have gathered experience and expertise to quickly identify the root causes of the main imbalances that my clients experience. I use my knowledge, skills and experience to walk with you the path of your own healing process and to discover the healer that dwells within you.

I can help you walk the path that will lead you to discover who you really are, to create the life that best serves you and, at the same time, enjoy your  transformation. I warmly welcome you to share the journey!


Q Registrations, Memberships & Qualifications

- NZ Master in Clinical psychology (Lic. psychologist in Italy since 2002)
- MNZAC Counsellor
- Registered Psychotherapist in Spain since 2009 (systemic Psychotherapy)
- Certified EMDR therapist (in progress)
- Member the New Zealand EMDR Association

Q What clients say about the therapy received?

Here are some testimonials of my clients:

“When I met Paola I felt like her, equal and empowered around my situation where I once felt meek like a mouse, I felt feeling like I was a strong woman worthy to take the wheel of life and stear. Paola identified my problems in a succinct way that was clear and made it easy to see a way I could approach them to work through them. I can only sing her praises, Paola is awesome at what she does” ~ Geri.

“Our journey with Paola was powerful. She guided our process through a set of techniques that helped us to open our hearts and to trust our feelings and our love in a more truthful manner. We highly recommend her work and her guidance to overcome any emotional challenge”~ Daniel y Laura

“We had sessions with Paola, at the end of the sessions we feel more equipped to deal with the situation. Paola is patient and understanding and her insightful analysis made us feel much more confident with the situation” ~Alan and Dawn

Q Availability

From Monday to Friday. According to the scheduled agenda, I am flexible to adjust to the time that suits you best.