Penny-Laine Calitz

Ark Essentials – Counselling Service

Kia ora, are you ready to flourish?

To move out of a space of overwhelm?

Admitting to yourself that you need support may feel like admitting defeat, but it is an act of courage. We were not created to do life on our own. If your thoughts and emotions feel too hard to handle & simply getting through the day has become a challenge, I invite you to reach out. I invite you to take a chance, to imagine a life worth living, where you feel able to be the person you always hoped you could be. Life is filled with ups and downs, challenges and heartfelt moments & you can be right there, able to process and fully experience every second of it.

As a counsellor, mum of two and immigrant, I have realised how hard it can be to function optimally and enjoy life when we struggle to find time to simply look after ourselves. I would love to support you with skills and tools to be able to process your emotions and thoughts, so you no longer feel out of control but can incorporate habits that allow you to thrive.

I have been where you are, struggling and feeling guilty, wanting more for my family and for myself. I would love to show you that change is possible. And no, life will not suddenly become easy, but we can become better equipped to deal with it. Let’s partner on this physical, emotional and spiritual journey, and get you where you deserve to be.


Q Registrations and Memberships

- Provisional Member NZ Association of Counsellors (ProvMNZAC)