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Something about me:

After two and half decades working my own para-medical clinic managing complex injuries to the lower limb, I lost that career to personal injury. It resulted in a few years walking a personal wilderness trying to figure out what life was and why I should be here. While travelling my own journey I have gained a deeper appreciation and empathy for the bravery and commitment of those who are starting their own journey or are still on it. I also found that when issues are faced, we can free ourselves from old issues, bring ourselves into a new level of personal happiness, and improve our quality of life. It is that hope I carry for all my clients.



My counselling experience started with ‘boat people’ and refugees from Vietnam (1988), followed by a short period with St Stephan’s Society in Hong Kong working with drug addicts and Triad members (1988). I then returned to NZ and established my medical practice. While running my medical practice I also took roles in community-based counselling and counsellor training  (2007-2010), and co-facilitated training programmes nationally and in the Caribbean (2010-2015). I then re-trained as a counsellor and have since worked in general counselling practice, with Cancer Society (Wgtn) clients and as a trauma counsellor for those struggling with PTSD and survivors of trauma and abuse. Typically that has also meant addressing issues of suicidality, grief, loss, emotional regulation, relationships, anxiety and depression.

Until recently my counselling has been split between private practice and working with MOSAIC (male survivors of sexual abuse), doing one-to-one counselling, training programmes and group-work. I have taken roles as services manager, programme developer, facilitator of group trainings and group therapy, and lead trauma counsellor.

​Most recently, I have presented multiple marae-based suicide prevention trainings with groups, and been a well-being counsellor for those presenting their abuse stories to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care.



I  utilise a client-centered approach informed by ISTDP (Intense Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy), Narrative, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Short-term Solution Focused, and Somatic/Bioenergetic modalities to build clients healthy strengths and grow new strengths.

My client’s range in ages from teen to retired. I have experience in working with different ethnicities, orientations and genders. At MOSAIC most of my work was with males, with a special interest in addressing issues of trauma, sexual abuse, suicide and grief. However, in private practice I will work with anyone who has had those experiences, and with addictions, anger and domestic violence issues/experiences.



Q Registrations and Memberships

- Provisional Member of NZ Christian Counsellors Association