Ros David

Healing from Within


Life can be tough. If you feel confusion, anger, stress, sorrow, trauma or depression, you are not alone. Through counselling you can find your path forward and make lasting changes to your life. Start now. Begin that journey of change. I look forward to meeting you.


Areas of Special Interest

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • grief
  • trauma
  • relationships
  • anger
  • changing life’s direction.

Being truly heard is the most powerful and energising experience. Come to be coached, listened to and helped to find your own new future.

Listening creates a holy silence. When you listen generously to people, they can hear the truth in themselves, often for the first time.
– Remen.


Counselling Services

I’m passionate about supporting people to live their best lives. I have a Master’s degree in counselling, training in a variety of mind-body techniques and bring a wealth of life’s experience. I’m a non-judgemental listener and use different therapies to support clients. I take pleasure in walking alongside my clients. I love seeing clients energised, achieving clarity about their direction and reaching their own goals.

I support clients in all aspects of their lives. Come and see me if..

  • You want more control in your life
  • You want to feel more confident and less anxious;
  • You don’t want to be dogged by sadness or grief;
  • You want to deal with past issues which keep erupting:
  • You want coaching and clarity about life’s directions
  • You want to improve your relationships.

Together we can take a flexible approach determined by your pace and expectation. We’ll focus on achieving the changes you seek.


Counselling Approach

My approach is informed by person-centered counselling. This means that your understanding will be at the core of your healing. My work is also informed by my pluralistic training. A variety of different approaches may weave through my counselling depending on your needs. These approaches include:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Meditation
  • Sand tray therapy
  • Milton Erickson hypnotherapy
  • Solution focused counselling.

Being truly heard is the most powerful and energizing experience. Come to be coached, listened to and helped to find your own new future. I look forward to meeting you.


About Me

I come from Wales, but have lived twenty years in Aotearoa. I worked in international aid for many years then retrained as a counsellor – a profession which I love. I have counselled at the Salvation Army for two years supporting clients with a variety of issues including trauma, family violence and depression. I now also work part-time at the Women’s Centre Waitakere supporting clients with issues such as grief and loss, anxiety and intimate family violence.


Q Registrations and Memberships

- Provisional Member New Zealand Association of Counsellors (ProvMNZAC)
- ACC Registered Counsellor

Q Qualifications

- Master of Science in Counselling (University of Auckland)
- Post Graduate Diploma Counselling Theory (University of Auckland)
- Master of Science in Rural Resources & Environmental Policy (University of London)
- Bachelor of Arts in Geography in the School of African and Asian Studies (University of Sussex)

Q Testimonials

“I think what helped me most was that she could understand my situation as she actually deals with trauma. I was in a volatile relationship and have been out of it for 2 years now. I felt lost, low self-esteem, worthless, always doubted myself. I was still trying to finding myself until I met Ros. She really helped me find myself, was very encouraging, positive, tells you how it is, such a lovely lady to talk to. I let all my tears out… I’m honestly feeling the best, never felt like this before… Feeling stronger, got to the root of my situation, taught me a lot. Words can’t explain you just have to have Ros as your councillor to understand how she can turn your life around. I wish I could have her as my councillor for life lol. You will not regret it!
Ps. First councillor I know to give homework lol but to help yourself & your situation which is awesome. Highly recommend Ros to anyone
- Female, 20+

“The sessions with you sit perfectly as the truth and the way forward. Just brilliant to have those different pages mapped in my head and to have ended on the knowing that X is immaterial to my future clear heart”
- Female, 50+

“Thank you for everything. I can’t explain myself but I really want to thank you being with me for those days in the past … you will be missed”
- Male 30+

“I was lucky to have Ros walk beside me through painful and confusing times. I valued her support, understanding and wisdom greatly and have missed our times together”
- Female, 50+

“Thank you so much for saving my life Ros. Fa’afetai tele lava”
- Female, 40+

Q Appointments

Day-time sessions available (please enquire about weekend or evening sessions if needed).

Q Fees

- $110 per session.
- WINZ funded clients welcome (no surcharge).
- ACC Sensitive Claims clients welcome (ACC will fund).
- payment can be made by Internet Banking.