Sherry Zhang Carter

GOOD THERAPY - Anxiety, Depression & Relationship Counselling that Works


Caring, experienced, skilled, and highly qualified. Having worked in counselling since 2009, I’ve had consistently positive client feedback. I am versatile with the types of work but especially effective in anxiety, depression and relationship work. I am well versed in both NZ and Chinese cultures.


Areas of Special Interest

I specialize in anxiety, depression, and couple work. I enjoy assisting clients in unpacking the core of their struggles, and providing and coaching them with new tools to cope more effectively.


Counselling Services

  • Strengthen your sense of self, so you are less self-critical, and more self-accepting
  • More accepting of your feelings and less affected by emotional disturbances, eg. depression, anxiety, fear, guilt and anger
  • Improve your communications and relationships, whether it is with your family, the other half, friends or people at work
  • Discover the unconscious, the blocks, and make sense of your past, so you can heal and live more effectively in the present
  • Overcome your fear to make positive changes in life


Counselling Approach

I focus a lot on self work. I help clients become more aware of their emotions, thoughts and patterns, and more accepting of selves.

I also emphasize relationships, which I believe goes hand in hand with sense of self. I help clients improve their relationships through more healthy ways to relate and communicate.

I teach and coach practical tools to help cope with challenges, personal or interpersonal.

I use drawing and sandtray to facilitate exploration with the unconscious, which is powerful in helping clients unstuck.

Clients describe me as “empathetic, nonjudgmental, patient, sensitive, insightful and knowledgeable”. I draw from a variety of methods to best serve an individual’s unique needs, background, situation, and style.


About Me

I am in my 40’s with two children. Having spent nearly half of my life in NZ and married to a Kiwi, I relate very well to non-Chinese. In fact, most of my clients have been from cultures other than China.

I am currently working for a community agency and a Private Girls Secondary School. Prior to this I worked in school and University counselling practice. I have helped a lot of individuals with depression and anxiety.

I am also experienced and skilled with couples. I enjoy seeing them grow individually and as couples. A previous couple wrote to me, “You are a phenomenal counsellor. We are so thankful that you have helped us build a healthy foundation for our lives and our life together“.



Q Registrations and Memberships

- Member, Registered with NZ Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)

Q Qualifications

- Bachelor in Law
- Honours in Psychology (Auckland University)
- Master in Counselling, First Class Honours (Auckland University)

Q Client Testimonials

"You are a phenomenal counsellor. We are so thankful that you have helped us build a healthy foundation for our lives and our life together"
- Jane and John

"You care and you listen. You give me tools and strategies to cope more effectively with my anxiety. These have been the most helpful for me."
- Alex

"I feel like a different person now. You have been a saving grace."
- Julia

"What I value the most is the connection, empathy, and creativity. I was guided to use drawing to draw out my inner experience. I enjoyed that a lot."
- Sally

Q Languages

I am fluent to provide counselling in English 英语 and Mandarin 普通话 . 70% of my clients have been non-Chinese

Q Appointments

- Available Monday, Tuesday, Friday 9am -3pm.
- Evenings and weekends on Request.

Q Fees

- Individuals: $130 per hour
- Couples/Families: $160 per hour or $230 for 90 minutes.
- 10 minutes free initial phone consultation.
- payment can be made by Bank transfer or Cash.