Soulful Journeys: Embracing Wholeness in Uncertain Times


The Psychosynthesis Collective is pleased to offer this 2½ day workshop in central Wellington as an opportunity to pause, reflect, and refocus on your own internal landscape in a supportive group environment. We are a group of somatically informed, registered psychotherapists who are excited to share maps and models for personal growth outside the confines of the therapy room.

Drawing on the insights of psychosynthesis originator, Roberto Assagioli as well as the work of Somatic Experiencing® developer, Peter Levine, we focus on how this work can help to create deeper connections that enhance our own intuitive knowing in ways that leave us feeling enriched and energised.

How do we reconnect to ourselves during times of uncertainty and difficulty, when the way can feel lost to us? Come and explore the concept of wholeness as we introduce you to a model of consciousness that embraces all levels of our being and what home feels like as we learn ways to find wholeness even in uncertain times.

We will build safety and connect to our own resources, assess where we are in our lives right now, and grow our capacity to identify and then to disidentify from the contents of our mind. We will work with the heights and the depths of our being to better understand what is seeking to emerge at this point in our journey of becoming. The weekend will involve a mixture of psychoeducation and experiential exercises including meditation, movement, and individual and small group activities, to both contain and embrace people’s experiences.

The Psychosynthesis Collective offers training and workshop experiences that inspire authentic and meaningful conversations – between ourselves and group participants. Soulful Journeys is designed to foster deeper connection with ourselves and others as we bring together psychological and spiritual inquiry to deepen our sense of Self.

Cost: $450
Location: St. Andrews on the Terrace, Wellington
Dates: Friday, 24 August 6.30 pm, Saturday, 25 August 8.45am – 5.00 pm, Sunday, 26 August 9.00am – 4.00 pm