Stephanie Frost


I support you to be with your challenges in a way that serves your most essential sense of who you are and what is deeply needed at this time. When we are well supported, crises can become opportunities for a process of growth, leading to greater well being than we could of previously imagined.


Areas of Special Interest

  • Life crises & overwhelm.
  • Identifying & integrating childhood trauma (in adults).
  • Historical & current domestic violence.
  • Strategies for managing anger.
  • Relationship & intimacy.
  • Depression & anxiety.
  • Eco anxiety & eco-grief.


Counselling Services

My practise is in providing a safe space for you. Whatever your reason is for coming to counselling (and it may be unclear to you), I hold maps and models to help you navigate your experience. Furnishing your journey of self discovery with anchors that support you to have greater clarity around your needs, your choices and where your will is at this time in your life.

It could be you need a short period of counselling to get you through a particular crisis. In which case I can provide tools that support your circumstances.

A longer series of sessions could be needed to support you to integrate childhood trauma or to change persistent unwanted behaviours.


I use therapy techniques that, include:

  • Talk therapy, supporting development of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual awareness and a greater ability to make more life enhancing choices.
  • Mindfulness techniques create a more spacious experience and deal with anxiety and overwhelm.
  • Anger management, recognising where anger is appropriate and developing ways to express it in relationship.
  • Behavioural change, working with persistent cycles of behaviour that worked once but don’t work now.
  • Guiding Visualisations, bypass the mental field and reveal useful information from the unconscious.
  • Joanna Macy’s Spiral process of reconnection, a way of being in relationship with grief and anxiety arising from caring for Earth and Earth’s ecosystems.


About Me

I was born in England and educated there and in New Zealand and France. I have travelled and lived in many countries. My passion for learning and different cultures has led me to study and have a deep respect for spiritual traditions from around the world. In New Zealand, I like to explore the awe inspiring beauty of nature in the company of my two dogs.

My experience is working in private practice working with male and female clients with a range of presenting issues. This includes working at Living Without Violence, Waiheke. As a Counsellor, working with Women in their Women’s programmes; Women Standing Strong and Women Exploring Anger.

Since 2019 I have been in private practice.

I now work solely online


Q Registrations and Memberships

- Provisional Member of the NZ Association of Counsellors (ProvMNZAC)
- Clinical Member Psychosynthesis in Aotearoa NZ and Australia (PAnzA)

Q Qualifications

Registrations and Memberships

- Diploma in Counselling (Institute of Psychosynthesis NZ)
- Emotionally Focused Therapy Training

Q Appointments

- Monday, Weds, Friday 8am - 6pm
- Saturday 10am - 12.30pm

Q Fees

- Individuals: Sliding scale $70 / $100 for a one hour session
- payment can be made by Internet Banking