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Exploring Consciousness

Dream Network Aotearoa-NZ Mini Conference

Programme includes:

Hilary Lovelace on End-of-Life Experiences: discussion on the research she did with Dr Peter Fenwick in the UK interviewing caregivers of the dying.
Dr Mary Murray on Near-Death-Experience Research in NZ: discussion on her research project findings and comparison with international results.
Dr Mary Murray on Other Unusual (Psychic) Experiences: Mary will lead discussion on a range of other paranormal states of consciousness, including a number she has had herself. Bring your own questions and experiences to share.
Beverley Rosevear-Kaho on Widows’ Grief: a journey of healing with dreams illustrated with art-work.
Tay-Marie Yorston and Margaret Bowater on Voices From The Inside: a practical workshop session on letting dream characters speak
Open Forum: What do we offer? What would you like in future?
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When:  8-9 June 2018
Where:  St Colomba Centre, Ponsonby, Auckland.
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NZPsS 50th Jubilee

2018 NZ Psychological Society Annual Conference
2018 nzpss conference
When:  5-8 September 2018
Where:  Auckland
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