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Professional Development in the Wellington Region is delighted to support the therapy community by posting information about training events of interest to counsellors, psychologists and psychotherapists. Send us your event information and we will post it on this noticeboard for free.

Using Creativity as a Processing tool for Grief, Loss and Trauma

Presenter: Caroline McGlinchy and Anahera Gildea
A full day 9.30am - 3.30pm interactive, hands-on workshop based on inclusivity and the belief that art and creativity is for anyone and is about exploring process rather than outcome. During the first half of the workshop participants will be introduced to activities that access their own creative process, in order to unpack and explore their personal responses and resistances. During the second half of the workshop participants will explore what creativity is and how it may be used to access the emotional responses associated with grief, loss and trauma.

Caroline McGlinchy, who has thirty years of education experience ranging from tiny people to giants. Creativity has always been at the heart of everything she does, from teaching art and creativity at tertiary level, to working with playcenter mud pies. 

Anahera Gildea (Ngāti Raukawa ki te Tonga) has taught dance, drama, creative writing, art and creativity and multiple academic disciplines. She has worked with people of diverse backgrounds, from children through to adults and believes that things only move at the speed of creativity. 
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When:  25 May 2017
Where: Skylight Trust Level 3 5-7 Vivian Street Te Aro Wellington
Cost: $150
Brochure: arrow-10download 
To register: Anne Bristol email

Ethics at End of Life

Presenter: See below
This Masterclass is led by Dr Martin Woods, Research Fellow with Mary Potter in association with Dr Brian Ensor, Director of Palliative Care at Mary Potter Hospice with contribution on Te Ao Māori perspectives by Vanessa Eldridge, Manager of Day Services and Māori/Pasifika team. They will explore the ethical issues around death and dying; exploring professional boundaries and personal challenges for the health professional. It will cover end-of-life issues such as withdrawal of treatment, palliative sedation and facing difficult conversations with patients around suicidal ideation and euthanasia including spiritual care. The day has been designed for health professionals working with palliative patients and family/whānau across the health sector, in communities, aged care facilities, hospital and hospices.

Dr Martin Woods,
Research Fellow, Mary Potter Hospice
Dr Brian Ensor, Director of Palliative Care, Mary Potter Hospice
Vanessa Eldridge, Day Unit Manager
Jane MacGeorge, Manager, Nursing & Professional Services, NZNO
Leanne Mason, Policy Analyst Māori, NZNO
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When:  Friday June 9  2017, 8.30 am – 4.30pm
Where: Home of Compassion, 2 Rhine St, Island Bay, Wellington
Cost: $175 per person
Contact:  04 381 0152 or
To register: arrow-10online

Paheko, Working with Māori Patients and Whānau

Presenter: Vanessa Eldridge – Day Services Manager, Mary Potter Hospice     
This workshop draws on the experience of those working in the health sector with Māori. We will explore the complexities and uniqueness of Māori and the experiences of those working with a bi-cultural lens. We will look at the diversity of Māori today and how that came to be, Māori health frameworks, recent findings in health literacy, working in primary care and vulnerable communities and explore a Māori viewpoint of holistic wellbeing and wairuatanga through Rongoā Māori.

This workshop is aimed at those working in the health sector who are keen to learn more from Māori. It is for those wishing to work authentically to manifest the Treaty of Waitangi principles of partnership, protection and participation in their practise, organisations and lives.
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When:  Thursday 15 June  2017, 8.30 am – 4.30pm
Where: Te Whare Marie Marae, Kenepuru Hospital, Porirua
Cost: $175 per person
Contact:  04 381 0152 or
To register: arrow-10online

Loss and Grief 

Presenter: Mary Potter staff
This intensive two day workshop gives an overview of grief theory and the practices around working with people facing loss and grief. It draws on international research and explores the challenges of working with people and their extended family/whānau.  It is enriched through personal stories of grief from individual community members and through small group discussions. The course is targeted at health professionals and/or community workers.  It is presented by Mary Potter staff including counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, Maori liaison and spiritual carers and draws on further expertise from our partners in the community.
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When:  27 July (2 days)  2017, 8.30 am – 4.30pm
Where: Home of Compassion, 2 Rhine St, Island Bay, Wellington
Cost: $300 per person
Contact:  04 381 0152 or
To register: arrow-10online

Monthly Speaking Circle: Relational Presence Training

Presenter: Sally Forman

Do you want to deepen your natural capacity to connect with ease and confidence with your audience? Want to know you can relate authentically in your personal and professional relationships?

Sally Forman psychotherapist wellingtonRelational Presence is our natural capacity to be in connection with one person at a time, from the inside out. It is a powerful foundation for both personal and professional authentic communication and presentation. Relational Presence is a tool for improved relationship and team communication, self-authority, impactful leadership and effective listening. It helps you to move away from relating through 'performance' to creating real connection that creates a meaningful impact, whoever your audience is. Relational Presence is like a muscle, it gets stronger with practise. A monthly speaking circle is a safe and supportive space to explore and deepen your experience of Relational Presence.

In a Monthly Speaking Circle: Relational Presence Training you will practise:
  • Assuming and receiving, support
  • Connecting with one person at a time
  • Being yourself
  • Finding your natural voice
  • Delivering impromptu content
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When: Second Thursday of the month, 6.30 – 9pm
Where: The porch, St Peters Church, Paekakariki,
Cost: $20
To register: Places are limited to 10. To book a place contact Sally on