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our 3rd Biennial Conference on
4 to 6 October 2019
at St Francis Retreat Centre,
Hillsborough, Auckland.
st francis retreat dream conference 2019


Keynote Speakers:
Clare Caldwell, Artist, VISIONS OF THE EARTH
Experienced Presenters and Panel discussions
Seminars, practical workshops, meditations, small groups

FEES: Earlybird Registration if paid by 31st July:
with full accommodation and meals $370.00 (Fri-Sun)
or full attendance with meals, but living out, $340

Send indications of interest now to:
Margaret Bowater

DNANZ President’s Greeting, from Margaret Bowater

Welcome to the Website of the Dream Network Aotearoa-NZ Inc. Here you can find up-to-date information about the emerging discipline of Dream Studies, and a variety of articles, reports, news items and contacts relevant to Dreamwork in NZ.


Who are we?

We are a group of active dreamers, mainly from the health professions, who’ve been studying the range and power of dreams for several years, and want everyone to be aware of the potential value of their dreams.

What’s our base?

We are inspired by the growth of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and its publications. It provides a multi-disciplinary forum for exchange of theory and practice of dreamwork, ranging across all cultures, religions and levels of research. We also link with the parallel group in Australia.

What are we doing?

We in DNANZ offer small dream-sharing groups, seminars, a Certificate in Applied Dreamwork (100 hours), an on-line Newsletter 5 times a year, and other events by agreement, to promote awareness of the value of dreams.

This is just the beginning. Join us in the movement to grow dream awareness in NZ!

dream therapy new zealand


Let me introduce our Executive, based in Auckland:

Margaret Bowater, MA, TSTA, MNZAP, MNZAC, our President, is a long-experienced therapist, supervisor, teacher, counsellor and author of Dreams and Visions, Language of the Spirit (1997) and Healing the Nightmare, Freeing the Soul (2016).
Beverley Rosevear-Kaho, BA, Cert D/A Csg, Cert CBT, DAPAANZ, is Co-Vice-President and the Minutes-Secretary. She works in Addiction Counselling and private practice.
Lyn Papp, MA, MNZAC, is Co-Vice-President and Editor of the Bulletin. She is Head of the Counselling Dept in a large secondary school in South Auckland.
Margaret Thorne, Dip Csg, a Psychosynthesis counsellor in private practice, is our Social Organiser.
Tay-Marie Yorston,  LL.B, Bachelor of Town Planning, Cert in Dreamwork, is assistant Secretary. Previously involved in building design and teaching law; currently in a transitional process.
Eric Bowater, B.Sc, retired teacher, is now our Treasurer.
Jennifer McGarry, RN, Reg Psychotherapist, Dip Psychosynthesis, who is a psychotherapist in private practice in West Auckland.
Louise Belcher, MNZAC, Dip Family Therapy & Counselling, Dip Supervision, Manager, Accred Mediator.


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dream therapy new zealandOur Mission

Dream Network Aotearoa-NZ Inc, has been set up to promote education in NZ about the power and relevance of dreams for purposes of insight, healing, problem-solving, creativity and potential guidance in personal, inter-personal and spiritual development. We aim to be inclusive of different faiths, cultures and varieties of dreamwork, while also encouraging research and scientific investigation of dreams; and we are committed to on-going learning ourselves.


Our Vision

Is to create a resource and support centre in New Zealand to provide

  • Basic information for members of the public who seek to explore their dreams;

  • Linkage and support for dreamwork practitioners, tutors and leaders of small dream groups around NZ; and web-links to sister organizations, eg in Australia and USA;

  • Notices of  courses and workshops being offered by Dreamwork leaders in NZ who are grounded in both the art and science of Dreamwork;

  • Profiles of professional practitioners who have done specialized training in Dreamwork (arrow-10see Dreamworkers' Profiles);

  • A free e-bulletin, at intervals each year, with news reports and summaries of research findings, etc. These will be derived from local presentations, and reliable sources, especially the International Association for the Study of Dreams, with which we are aligned. 


Our Ethical Stance

Is based on the IASD’s Abbreviated Ethical Statement: We acknowledge the value and importance of the study of dreams, and recognize the responsibility inherent in such study and its consequent applications. We encourage our members to exemplify the highest standards of ethical behaviour in whatever involvement they may have with dreams.

Members are encouraged:

  • to do their utmost to respect the rights and dignity of other persons;

  • to be honest, accurate and open-minded in the presentation of information and ideas;

  • to ensure privacy and confidentiality in dealing with clients, research subjects or members of the general public;

  • and to prevent and avoid any situation where a conflict of interest may compromise the capacity for making prudent and objective decisions and responses.




dream therapy new zealand1. Join our contact list

There is no fee to be listed on our Email Contact List You will receive Notices and free quarterly Newsletters. 
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2. Regular Member

To become a regular Member, the annual fee is $20.00, from 1st April to 31st March. This entitles you to have your name and contact listed on our website under a local region. 
Eligibility: You have attended an Introductory Dream Workshop; you accept the DNANZ Ethical Stance; and you are interested in dream-sharing and/or training groups.
arrow-10apply to our Membership Secretary

3. Professional Member

To become a Professional Member, the annual fee is $50. Committee approval entitles you to advertise your Dreamwork practice with a photo and profile on our website
Eligibility: You have gained Margaret Bowater’s Certificate in Applied Dreamwork, (100 hours) or you have done equivalent experiential training in Dreamwork and Imagery elsewhere; you are committed to the DNANZ Ethical Stance; and you are involved in a relevant profession.
arrow-10apply to our Membership Committee  



READ our Dream Network BULLETINS



Why Dreamwork?

Did you know that we all dream every night, all of our lives? That, in fact, we spend one-twelfth of our life-time in dream-sleep? Are you curious about what you could learn from your own dreams? Historically, dreams have made major contributions to healing, spirituality, psychology, science, invention, literature, music, all the creative arts – as well as direct individual feedback to you in your personal life … if you understand the metaphor-language of dreams.






You and Your Dreams: some basic information.  arrowread more

   By Margaret Bowater  

Post-Trauma Nightmares: a summary of recent research.  arrowread more

    By Margaret Bowater   

Margaret Bowater talks to Paul Henry about Dreams.  arrowwatch the video




Association for the Study of Dreams:

Dream Network Australia:

Margaret Bowater’s dream website:




dream workshop auckland

DREAMWORK 201: Resolving Nightmares and Disturbing Dreams

Presenter: Margaret Bowater
All dream seminars require commitment to confidentiality. A manual is included. Please bring your own lunch, and one or more dreams to share in the group.

Booking in advance is essential.

When: 9.30am-4pm Saturday 25 May 2019 (6 hours)
Where: Mercy Spirituality Centre, 104 The Drive, Epsom, Auckland   arrow-10see map
Cost: Fee $95. Limit 15
Enquiries:  arrow-10email Margaret
To register: ph Bridget 09 638 6238 or  arrow-10email us

dream workshop auckland

DREAMWORK 202: A Series of Skill-Development Groups

Presenter: Margaret Bowater
All dream seminars require commitment to confidentiality.

Booking in advance is essential.

When: Fridays, 9.30am-12.30pm. 31 May, 19 July, 20 September & 22 November. 
Where: Mercy Spirituality Centre, 104 The Drive, Epsom, Auckland   arrow-10see map
Cost: $40 per session or $150 for 4 sessions.
Enquiries:  arrow-10email Margaret
To register: ph Bridget 09 638 6238 or  arrow-10email us



healing the nightmare by margaret bowater
Margaret Bowater presents her new book HEALING THE NIGHTMARE, FREEING THE SOUL, with a Foreword by Dr S. Benson, immediate Past-President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and a commendation by Prof Keith Tudor of AUT. Contents include how to work with adults and children, post-trauma nightmares, physical and mental illness, anxiety, sexual abuse, stress, spiritual crisis, psychic warnings, grief, fear of death; with 80 processed examples, and 24 attractive drawings by Clare Caldwell.
Sale price $40, plus $5 posted.
Order your copy direct from
Margaret Bowater or from
book on grief and dreaming
Widows' Grief Dream Journey is a book written by two women who find themselves with a lot in common - both are counsellors, both are interested in working with dreams, and both have had the recent experience of the loss of long term partners. We also regularly collect our dreams and when we put our dreams of the past three years together we found they showed many similarities. There seem to be clear stages of healing, from dreams that predict a major life change (and were ignored by both of us) to dreams that show new directions after gradual acceptance and healing. The dreams are told in simple form with our understanding of the significance of each one, and there are many drawings and images that illustrate both the dreams and the impact of our loss. We hope this book will support others in healing from grief.

It is self-published and available at cost for $25.00.
If interested please contact Bev on 027 345 4738 or Lynette on 021 0254 9920

being with aspergers book cover-200
Being with Asperger’s was inspired by Walter’s long-term partner, Lynette, and her discovery of a box of original cartoons, verses, and poetry in a wooden box in the attic. A tiny book entitled Walter’s Secret Diary was part of it. A quirky memoir, it takes the form of a posthumous conversation between Lynette with Walter, using what she calls bytes, interacting with images of Walter’s quirky, original cartoons and writing through which he processed his lifelong struggle with Asperger’s syndrome.
The book is available from Lynette for $30, or online through most distributors (Amazon, Fishpond etc).
Order a copy from Lynette with your address details



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