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Dream Network Practitioners


The practitioners Profiled below are Professional Members of Dreamwork Aotearoa-NZ. They have completed specific training in Dreamwork for the purpose of using it in their professional work as Therapists, Counsellors, Teachers, Ministers, Spiritual Companions, etc. Please contact them directly to enquire about their services.

Bev Rosevear-Kaho

BA, Cert in Drug & Alcohol Counselling, Cert in CBT, Cert in Clinical Supervision, Advanced Dreamwork Certificate, Endorsed Associate Practitioner DAAPANZ

Bev discovered a fascination with dreams when she started her counselling training in the late 1990’s and also undertook Jungian analysis at the same time. She has a particular interest in the development of the personality as reflected in dream symbols, in finding safety and understanding around disturbing dreams, and in noticing series of dreams, and recurring dreams. She works in the field of addictions and offers dreamwork in her private practice, often working with dream symbols through drawing.
Bev Rosevear-Kaho  dreamwork therapy auckland
Contact Bev:
M. 027 345 4738
Dreamwork available:
Central & West Auckland

Coralie Curtin

MNZAC, BA, Diploma in Counselling, Certificate in Applied Dreamwork, Certificate in Transactional Analysis

Coralie has had a lifelong interest in dreams and enjoys supporting clients who bring their dreams to therapy to help them make sense of their worlds. She provides counselling for  individuals, couples and families, bringing a warm, friendly, compassionate, open and understanding approach to her work, and has a strong belief in supporting people to be all that they can be.
Contact Coralie:
M. 021 465 415
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Dreamwork available:
Ponsonby, Auckland
Browns Bay, Auckland.

Jennifer McGarry

Reg Nurse, Reg Psychotherapist, Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling, Diploma in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, Post Graduate Certificate in Transpersonal and Jungian Psychology, Imago Relationship Therapist, Applied Dreamwork Certificate

My interest in dreams has evolved over many years by recognising that my dream life has guided me throughout major transitions on my journey through life. Dreams work offers many opportunities to the dreamer, from solving internalised conflict that feels too complex to resolve in waking life or whether it be an insight into a more objective issue confronting the collective. I have worked as a psychotherapist for over twenty years and specialise in Transpersonal Psychotherapy. The dreamer will often dream in symbols that expands the depth of meaning generally unavailable in waking life. I have found dreams can be very effective in helping clients in their process of becoming more self-aware. I am particularly interested in working with couples and have been shown that by sharing dreams they can deepen their understanding of each other thus improving intimacy.
photo of Jennifer McGarry dream therapist
Contact Jennifer:
M. 021 454 831
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Dreamwork available:
Titirangi, Auckland

Lynette Papp 

MNZAC, MA, PG Diploma Counselling

Lynette is a practising Auckland counsellor with a particular interest in Dream Therapy. She has been a full member of the NZAC for many years and is head of counselling in a busy South Auckland school. Since her teens Lynette has kept a dream diary analysing her own dreams. Later she worked in partnership with her husband in peer analysis. This was particularly therapeutic in handling his death through cancer. Lynette's dreamwork has been published in the NZAC Counselling Today magazine and also internationally in Dream Time magazine.
Lynette Papp dream therapist auckland
Contact Lynette:
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Dreamwork available:

Margaret Bowater


An experienced Transactional Analyst and Supervisor who has specialised in dreamwork for over 25 years, combining elements from Jungian psychology, action methods, TA Redecision work and spirituality. Her books Dreams and Visions – Language of the Spirit was published in 1997, and Healing the Nightmare, Freeing the Soul – a Practical guide to Dreamwork, 2016 (Calico Publishing). Since then she has published dozens of articles and run hundreds of dream workshops all over NZ. She teaches a 100-hour Certificate in Applied Dreamwork, and is President of the new Dream Network Aotearoa-NZ.
margaret bowater dream therapy auckland
Contact Margaret:
arrow-10email Margaret Bowater
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Dreamwork available:
Northcote, Auckland