Prompt Friendly Help

We are always happy to help, whether it’s to answer a question or do it for you.

You can use these help tips to put an ANNOUNCEMENT on a Listing, edit an existing Announcement or turn it ON/OFF.

You can use announcements for anything you want to highlight to visitors, eg. if you are unavailable or have a wait list …

You can also use them to LINK to your external Online Booking System.

Once you’ve created an announcement they are easy to turn off/on.

screen shot of sign in button for talkingworks

Sign in

  • click on the SIGN IN button at the top right corner of your screen

Go to your Dashboard

  • hover over your account name in top right of screen
  • click on DASHBOARD in the drop down menu
screenshot of mene

Choose Announcements

  • click on ANNOUNCEMENTS in the left hand menu

If this your first announcement

screenshot for announcement help

If you already have announcements

  • to add another Announcement click on the orange +ADD NEW button at the top right
screenshot of announcement

Select the relevant LISTING

  • from the dropdown menu click on which Listing you want the announcement to show on
  • if you have Listings for different Locations you will need to make a separate announcement for each Listing

Don't worry about ...

  • you can just leave the Action Type, Icon, Button Text and Button Link as they are

Call to Action TITLE

  • type in the HEADING you want on your announcement


  • type in an explanation for your announcement
  • you can have whatever text you like, you might like to add an end date, whether or not you keep a waiting list, whether you will be monitoring your emails ….
screenshot of announcement help

SAVE your announcement

  • click the green SAVE button at the bottom right of your screen
  • it will now be live on your Listing
  • We’ve noticed that there can be a delay before announcements show up on some browsers, even though they’re saved correctly. Get in touch if it’s not showing the next day and we’ll look into it for you.

Turn announcements OFF/ON

  • you can easily turn your announcements OFF or ON by clicking the toggle button
  • ORANGE is ON
  • GREY is OFF

To EDIT your announcement

  • click on the 3 vertical dots on the relevant announcement
  • then click EDIT from the dropdown menu
  • edit your Title and Description as required and click the green SAVE button